Good morning!!

Breakfast of the Neanderthals!!

Roasted sweet potatoes topped with coconut butter. After finishing the small one I'm so full already!! Took the big sweet potato to work as snack. Heh

Oh my goodness!!! Someone is pretending to be my husband on Instagram and posted a photo of me and Isaac!!

Super scary shit


Turkey meatballs and butterhead lettuce.


Playing catching with the maid. He knows how to run and say "catch you" and go around the sofa to avoid being caught.

"Balanced" dinner tonight. We have fungi, we have vege, we have white meat and red meat!!! *who am I trying to kid*

Giants Hokkaido scallops wrapped in bacon and roasted. Sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli.

I'm loving the sweetness of the scallops and the saltiness from the bacon.

Perfect combo!!!

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