Good morning! Haha portion controlled by the husband.

Turkey meatballs and a sliver of fried eggs for lips.

Not sure you can see clearly, but he is reading out words on a book. The books is like a flash card.

Heard him saying kite, tiger, lion, car etc.

Ok la good point about this maid is she sings to him and talk to him and attempt to make him read albeit in slightly grammatically wrong English. Hehe.


And it continues with owl, parrot, pig, sandcastles.

My heart just 💖💖💓💓💗💗

Cannot handle. Haha

Busy busy busy!! #afternoonstalker #stalkermomseries

Moments later being force fed.

But still so skinny.

Celebratory lunch today!!!

I've just been confirmed at the company I worked at so I treated my teammates to big prawn noodles!!!

Manage to catch them in square 2 looking at fishes otw back from work.

After 3 days of Invisalign, I feel like dying!

My teeth and jaw are so sore!!!

And I've got multiple ulcers on my inner lips

Sob sob. So sore ah!!

My portion control dinner by husband today.

"Little tree in the prairie" ?

Field of golden wheat made from Moroccan caulirice.

Tree trunks from grilled ribeye steak fillet. The little bird on the right top corner is also from the same steak.

Tree leaves is sautéed green bell peppers and onions.

@serhonp very creative ah. Must be from his dad who is a painter/artist.

Obviously not enough for me. I whack loads of steak after that. #portioncontrolfail

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