Super busy day!!!!

In the morning rush off to biopolis to have our meeting with the regulators.

Our internal expert manage to convince them and we did gauge their knowledge and understanding on biosimilar.

Awesome la. still is the highest standard amongst the apac region.

Then went back to work, tidy up some lose ends and now I'm home!!

Got permission from boss to leave early bcos of our late night last night and meeting this morning.

Now going back to KL for my brother wedding

My lunch today. Shared the above salmon maki with my colleague. And the below tray is mine!!

Cold storage got promo of 2 trays for $9.99!!! Value ah!!

And today is teachers day and my husband got awarded best teacher award for his teaching! He send me a pic of him and his award.

So proud ah!!

@serhonp congratulations!!!!

Keep on teaching!!

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