Went lunch with my line manager. Had Malay rice. It's been a while since I ate sayur lodeh, ayam masak merah and tempeh.

Burp. Unhealthy.

This week fruits from the office pantry is red grapes.

Stole some to munch after lunch

Whilst having a TC, stalk son.

Here he's looking like old man with hands behind his back. Haha.

My medical director praised me today!

OMG need to buy lottery.

She emailed asking me for a meeting outcome with the regulators last Friday.

So I gave her a 5 point comments.

She came up to me n said thank you for such detailed comments. She only expected 2-3 line from me but I gave her a complete picture.

I knew she was happy about it because she CCed the General Manager. GM also gave her thanks.

Ok so phewww. I guess I'm in her good books.

Received news that there will be a new country study manager onboard soon.

My pumping room will be her room!! Panicking!! Where to find a new pumping room now.

Sucks that my company do not have a dedicated nursing room for young mothers to pump. The other time I brought it up to HR, they ask me to pump in the toilet wtf!


MD came to me and talked about my son and her allergies. My pumping schedule. How I'm going to be continue breast feeding. Talk about our sons latching habits. She has a son too about 5 months older than Isaac and still bf.

Then we talked about manicure and pedicure. Aiyooo.

I scared.

Maybe she reads my dayre. And now starts to come and er… Be more friendly incase I make some noise

Or suddenly she sees my value in her department.

Or bcos her fav is on annual leave today nobody to

Talk to so came and talk to me.

But I'm shitting my pants. Bcos it's so out of norm

Instead of buying lottery, maybe I should fear for my life (working life)

Eh can check ah, is there a knife behind my back??

@shalinho whilst MD came and talk to me just now, she came and told me that I can use the another room located at another level where a whole department up n left (company restructuring) because she knew the regular pumping room I use is going to the new manager.

So that's settled. Yipee!

But on the other hand, suddenly so considerate and ermm thoughtful. I'm really scared now. Ahah.

On another note, all my gel nails with 3D art has been peeled/dropped off.

That lasted a total of 13 days. Lousy workmanship. My wedding nails lasted for almost 3 months! That was total value.

Dinner tonight. Curry chicken by @maryannsee best thing about mum being here don't need to cook dinner!

Eaten with cauliflower fried rice. Yummeh.

Aiyoh Isaac is having a reaction. And this time we rely don't know to what.

Strange it's only localized to his left upper thighs.

Mucous sucked out just now.

In the morning was double the amount and was yellowish. Evening is whitish.

Btw this pigeon nose sucker thing is dam useful device. Cheap sumore. Really sucks out mucous.

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