I'm kinda elated today!!! Ate pizza and a few spoonful of ice cream.

And I didn't get sharp stabbing pain from the pizza!!! I didn't get nausea or diarrhea.

What I did do is take 2 11 billion IU probiotic capsule after that pizza lunch.

And I ate dairy!!

So far, Isaacs face has NOT exploded out in a bad reaction rash. ✌️✌️✌️


Will see in 2-3 days how his skin is. 🙏🙏🙏 pray it's ok.

Hello, this is Isaac and his outfit when we went to river safari yesterday for my company's family day!!

Before we went to river safari, I was raising funds for Kidney Dialysis Foundation around Bishan in the morning.

So, to those of you who dropped money into my pouch, I thank you for your generosity. Hopefully the nephro patients will have enough funds to continue dialysis.

Whilst collecting funds, these 2 posers sent me a picture of themselves.

@serhonp and son have no shame.

Hello, we are at river safari. Take picture ah for proof.

Isaac, look at the camera. We need to take picture with the river cruise boat!!

Family picture thanks to my colleague.

Piggy back on mummy to see the pandas better!

This is my third time seeing them and I still find them very cute!!!

Dad taking artsy fartsy shot of us watching the panda

We rushed home after that to attend my cousins in law wedding at raffles hotel.

It was a very fun wedding with an intimate setting. We had a good time there.

I felt welcome and part of the celebration. Total opposite of my own brothers wedding where I was made to feel like a guest invited just to fill up the tables.

Will post some shot tomorrow when the dayre uploads photo properly and not just giving blanks.

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