You know it will be a good day when you have waffles for breakfast!

Blueberry waffles with maple syrup.


Heard the little adult telling grandma @maryannsee that "I don't want don't want play puzzle"

Must be wanting to watch YouTube on her iPad instead of doing engaging, motors kill developing games.

Luxurious packed lunch today! Wohoo.

My mom @maryannsee bought smoked duck from cold storage which was on offer yesterday so I'm having it for lunch today!!!

Eaten with raw spinach, cherry tomatoes and grapes to sweeten it up naturally.


It's kind off difficult to come up with facts. I'll start something up first!

#1 I have hyperhidrosis. My soles, palms and armpit have excessive sweat. I can't hold hands for long, if not my partners hand will be wet! Just ask @serhonp

And I think Isaac has sweaty hands and feet too!!! I can melt thick cards just by holding them for long periods. Ya gross I know.

It got bad during pregnancy because all the extra dilation of the blood vessels. Even my nose sweat a lot!! Constantly wet!

#2 I have about 13 moles on my face. I don't know why got so many.

I'm a "marked" woman maybe? Haha. My whole body also not spared. Boobs, arms, shoulders etc. But they are all small small dots.

Don't have big one and neither are they hairy. None bigger than 5mm across.

#3 I'm a Malaysian, moved to Singapore in mid 2011 due to my husband relocating here for training purposes in his medical field.

So I had to quit my job, leave my friends and our comfy house and car behind!

I had to look for a job from scratch in Singapore and was jobless for 2-3months (ok la not so bad) and nearly went mad not working.

Had to rent a place here which cost a fortune (and we r still currently renting) and take public transport which was a big culture shock. In Malaysia we dri

We drove everywhere in the comfort of our own cars.

So it really was limiting and tiring initially to get anywhere with public transport. Thus, we still haven't fully explored Singapore as thoroughly as we would like it. Only can go places with mrt stop ah. Ehehe.

All tsh small lobang place we don't know one!

#4 got married on a "nice" date of 10.10.10. Hehe. So the husband @serhonp should never forget our wedding anniversary.

Our dating anniversary is 3 days before valentine days to save money. So we celebrate vday earlier before all the vday set menu comes up.

We were still dating in Tawau, Sabah when I told him in 2009 "eh if u don't marry me soon, I'm transferring back to KL" cause staying around in a small village got kind of boring n if no rship progress I don't see a point in staying around

#5 I'm too blunt and too honest for my own good.

I will say what I think and tell u off if I don't agree with what I see/feel. Apparently it's a bad thing if u r on receiving end of it.

But it also a good thing once ur anger dies down and u appreciate my honesty we will be best friends forever.

I told my hubby I don't understand y got so many hypocrites in this world. He looked at me n say everyone is a hypocrite. Only u r the minority cos u r too honest on the point of being very blunt!

I'll take that compliment that I'm "special" this way.

Of course over the years I have mellowed down slightly and not be as confrontational as I used to be.

I will still call a spade a spade but in a more tactful manner. I still have to compose my "opinions" better in my head now before letting it out on the receiving party.

#6 I use to show dogs at dog shows. As in show the dogs off like beauty pageant according to the breed standard of the dog.

So back home in Malaysia we have about 3 Siberian Huskys, 6(?) long haired chihuahuas and about errrrr 20 (+/-) Cavalier King Charles spaniel. My dad is a part time breeder and he is also a dog show judge. Can google my dad website. I think it's Don't know la have to check.

I've been out from the show ring for a long time already. When I get my own

Place here in Singapore, I think you will see my dayre being spammed with a lot of dog pictures. Ahhaha. I will definitely bring in the top picks of my dads kennel litter and show them over here. Maybe hopefully this will be a 5 year plan.

#7 I used to be very obese. And also vain. So this help.

I was a very very fat kid from the ages of 9-14? My clothes are adult size and I remember buying pinafore the waist size of 35inch at 13.
So because I was vain, I crashed diet and lost loads of weight. Then join LEO club and met a lot of boys so got even more body conscious. Swam a lot to work out, rollerblade and after school "worked out" in my room to slim down.

Friends who see my pic when I was younger can't believe that the fat

Kid is me. Once my pre-u teacher saw my IC for exam verification purposes can't believe it was me and asked whether I did plastic surgery or not. Cos I look totally different.

But now my weight is always a battle la.

Fat kid syndrome ma. It's a constant battle of loving my food and loving how I look. These two will always battle each other out n depending which period of my life u catch me I will either be fat or "looking good"

#8 hence with all the weight loss and weight gain, I have PLENTY OF STRECH MARKS.

So freaking ugly. Over my hips, butt, boobs, thighs, shoulders and after pregnancy all over my stomach!!!

The pregnancy was the worse one, I had deep scars which are 2cm across, red and angry. My whole pregnant tummy look like dragon ball!! Furious and red! Now it's purplish silver scar.

But I have no shame so I still wear bikini *idontcare*. Tried preventing it at week 0 of pregnancy by applying biooil,

Almond oil bottles after bottle of cocoa Palmer oil etcetc

Does not work!

So if u r like me with propensity for STRECH marks, nothing u do will stop them. Ever. They are here to stay permanently forever and ever


#9 I was swimming club president for 2 years during form 4 & 5. But I'm not particularly active person. Don't think I've ever repented my school in any sports meet at all.

#10 I have a masters in pharmacy. Graduated in 2005. Studied the last year in Glasgow Scotland for 13 months.

Ironic my degree is not recognized here in Singapore.

#11 I have been working for 9 years now. So fast ah!!! Started work in October 2005 at tender age of 22. Hehe.

#12 I'm born in the year of water pig, astrology sign of Sagittarius.

I guess you can figure out my age and how my temperament is from my stars and sign.

#13 I'm the eldest of 4 siblings. Eventhough I don't act like the eldest because I look like a bitchy, party loving, spoiled child. Comes with the bitchy resting face.
My siblings after me are boy, boy, girl.

My younger sister is also a pig. We r 12 years apart n I feel there is a generation gap. Eg: i love linken park, Alanis

No doubt etc, she likes Korean pop stars. I don't even bother remembering their names because they all look alike.

#14 can be abit OCD. My clothes must be hung in particular order, must use all wooden hangers, folded clothes must be of certain type. Panties and bra must be folded a certain way.

OCD also extends to my husbands wardrobe.

I also like to count tiles or ceiling which r made of pieces that look like asbestos. Then it must end in particular order, if not I will recount them again. Yes all this is done in my head. Not many ppl know this.

Kitchen utensil also must arrange certain way etc.

#15 I like fengshui. And every year I will arrange my room furniture back when I was stayin with my parents.

Now it extends to my whole house. Great that we r renting now , I get to constantly arrange them. And when I feel the place not very conducive anymore, I will rearrange the furniture again.

All by myself. Heavy cupboards, double bed, metal chest, etc.

I have a certain way of moving furniture that it can be done without anyone's help. Then I will arrange the books in order of their

Heights, Isaacs toys also arrange according to type.

Music toys, soft toy, blocks etcetc have their own "place".

Weird la I know.

I can't stand missing pieces of toys I get very upset n bugs me for few days, don't mention missing colour pencils or stickers or Lego pieces. I go crazy.

#16 I'm a great procrastinator.

Give me a deadline and I will only do my project the earliest 1 week before dateline.

Usually when there is an exam I will study the night before during SPM.

For preU also same style.

I think I improve for Uni where I studied slightly earlier. Maybe 1 week for each subject.

Ya I also dunno how I pass.

Photographic memory maybe?

Wah running out of inspiration already. Continue after dinner!

#17 most invasive procedure done on myself are:
-braces. Now redoing my teeth again with Invisalign.

I think I quite low maintenance la. Cut hair once a year, facial also maybe around there. Mani/pedi also seldom.

#18 I have a tribal butterfly above my ass.

To cover up my stretch marks on the hips. But now I think it's pointless already because if it is to cover strechmarks, my whole tummy should be covered in tattoos now.

#19 my pain threshold quite high.

2 hrs tattoo was ok.

My labour also no epidural, 45 mins n baby's out. Got contractions also I can tahan until almost too late. I reach hospital I was already 9cm dilated but I still can tahan the pain.


This little boy so naughty. Imitating me exercising. Hahha.

#20 I'm quite thick skin. I joined a beauty pageant competition before. My best friend who is a real beauty queen said I so brave a go join such a big ass competition (it was Miss World/Malaysia) and she's a miss Astro year 2004?

Of course didn't make it to the top 12 la. So don't make the cut at all.

But at least I can tell you I tried! Hahahahaha.

@cleochong done liow!! Ahhaah I'm such a boring person la.

Dinner of rib steak with it's bones attached. Asparagus and jicama fries.

Never portion control cos I can't resist steak ah!!

Must buy lottery again!!

I got nominated for an "applause" award by my medical director.

It's for the job well done initiating meeting with the regulators.

Woweee. First got confirmation earlyish, now a commendation? Wahhh.


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