Good morning! Breakfast bowl of grapes, blueberries, strawberries and dragonfruit.

Hope I go to the toilet swee swee later haha

Wooo I feel like I'm in Cuba or one of this Latin America country.

I'm in the bus otw to work and I hear ppl chattering in Spanish. Wahh like Betty la soya or something. U know, the ugly Betty version in Spanish.

Cousin in law wedding.

The table setting was very personalized with our names written on place cards. Even Isaac had a sitting position for himself!! It was simple and not over the top grand but we liked it.

The wedding dinner was held at Halia Restaurant in Raffles Hotel.

Oh nothing. Just chilling with my son whilst waiting for dinner to be served.

Yes I wore back the same gown as my bros wedding a week ago

*recycle, reduce, reuse*


Us listening to speeches. Ahaha. Actually no idea.

The dinner started off with groom giving his funny and long winded speech. It didn't feel boring and reflected his character. Bride also gave an emotional speech in mandarin thanking her parents n family. Waterworks started on the second sentence of her speech.

Apparently the best man speech was very funny too. They told funny story of how he proposed as well.

Manage to meet up with a few of @serhonp cousins who are living in Singapore too. And their kids!

Isaac just loves playing with other kids and so it was his night of fun too.

Highlight of the night was when the band starting playing "treasure" by Bruno Mars.

The aunties put Isaac on the dance floor and he was dancing n shaking his booty to the song.

He was also singing along and the band and singer took notice of him singing along!!

After the song, the singer asked us how old her is and said to us "do you know he was singing along to the whole song just now?"

Of course we know. It's his favourite song!

She lamented kids nowadays don't listen to nursery rhymes

Anymore and in fact knows the lyrics of the latest pop songs! Hehe.

A very blur picture of me and Isaac dancing on the dance floor!!

The night ended at 10pm but it was way past Isaacs bedtime.

Needles to say the aunties were impressed with Isaacs moves. He can be the next lady killer la. Hahha.

Anyway not much picture as most of the time we were trying to pacify Isaac because we was so grumpy from being out the whole day to river safari n staying up late for the dinner.

It was still a fun night!

Take away sushi for lunch from Kuriya Japanese market.

Aiyaya. My mum @maryannsee just sent me a picture of isaacs neck.

He is flaring!!!!

Ice cream experiment fail!!!

He is also scratching very badly on his elbows and ankles.

So the maid and my mom has steroid cream him and wore long trousers and socks on him at home to prevent him from scratching sumore.

But he is still very active. Bullying her and crawling under and behind her when my mom is resting on the sofa, running around etcetc.

Just having scratching bouts.

Later when I go home will Zyrtec him. Helps with his leaky nose also.

Must be really really itchy!! Caught him on CCTV scratching his neck with both hands.

Poor thing.


Dinner tonight of grilled pork chops, raw spinach and home made guacamole with birds eye chili.

The chili is from my moms garden and it's so freaking hot.

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