Saw today's editor pick where she is curently studying in Grenoble, France. And thought of you @delight

Seems like that place is known for tertiary/post graduate studies!!!

Ahh forgot to take pic of my breakfast, but it's boring blueberry waffles again. Heh.

Wooo. Rolling in his hand some playdoh!!


I don't think he's really creative because I made some ball he just took it and throw like a real ball. Then I squashed the play doh to tell him it's mailable he just stare at me like in weird. Hahha

Eh? Within a few minutes, he's now on the dining table having early lunch.




Double pork loin and butterhead lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

Wahh so enthusiastic in eating rice. That seldom happen.


Apparently the maid cooked bakuteh! We r gonna have it for dinner tonight.

We had Bakuteh for dinner. The spices was bought from the shop in klang that we always frequent to when we r back in Malaysia.

Mom @maryannsee went to ntuc this morning to buy pig trotters, twee bak and stomach for the Bakuteh!!

Perks of having mom over. Yummy!!

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