Good morning!! We are waiting for our brunch before going grocery shopping.

Beef & kimchi naanwich. All sets comes with small nachos

Chicken tikka naanwich. This is the best tasting in my opinion. It's lined with achar at the bottom. Gets soggy after a while but still yummy

The husbands chicken ham naanwich. The most boring one. Haha.

We were all so paranoid eating the naanwich because it has the runny egg on top.

Didn't dare to touch Isaac the whole time in case he flares.

Best desert! Donuts with salted egg yolk dip. The donuts were still warm and soft and fluffy. Dip with the salted egg yolk, it's really really good

You guys have to come n try it.

FIX is located right at the end of the nsteam-Jom balestier building. Thanks to @cowgal who wrote up about it!

If not we wouldn't know about it although we live nearby. It's a long walk there but took a bus back.

Super duper early dinner tonight!!!

Hello!! We are on a date!

Wooo!! @serhonp must be really excited to be here! Hehe. Not that I'm complaining. 😘😘

This year the car has a smaller engine of v6 so it's not that loud ah!!

If anyone is here too come fine me!! I'm here!!

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