Breakfast today is bacon, egg and pork muffins.

How it looks like on the inside.

It's bacon "cup" then I put in the mince/chopped meat. Then crack an egg on top and sprinkle with whatever condiments you like.

😘😘😘 juicy breakfast.

Before I left I gave this cheeky boy a kiss.

Saw his face after that??? So hiau. Ahha. His dad took this pic n sent it to me whilst I was walking to the bus station.


Lunch time. I can hear him chatting away with the maid. Don't know what these two are taking about.

The daddy is home as he took leave to "study" and finish off his annual leave.

He made a play dough dog for Isaac. He was so proud of his 3D dog he had to take a picture and show me 😓😓

Proof that Isaac was enthralled by his play dough dog. Ahaha.

"A" for effort daddy @serhonp 👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟

Lunch today!! #leftoverlunch

Lemon sesame chicken and avocado salad. Smells so good after microwaving it


Artist at work. Heard Isaac exclaiming so loudly "wahhh!!" When the dad drew the alphabet "A"

So easily amused. Haha.

Dinner of stuffed portobello mushroom and err yes, steak again. Hehe. 👀👀👀

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