Good morning!! Brunch at GRUB in bishan park.

Meet up with a friend who is having some anxiety issues.

Good to meet n talk to friends.

Our kids hanging out in the park.

Like in some movie set. Lols.

Naked baby!!! Got home at 12pm because it was Isaac lunch time.

It was so hot his neck nearly flared out in rashes. So quickly took off his shirt.

I think he totally enjoys being naked. Running around so gleefully with his top off!!

Last night Robbie Williams was on concert for the #F1 qualifier!!

Whilst waiting for the concert to start we camwhore first.

5 minutes before the concert started it rained so heavily!!!

There goes our romantic concert date!!

We quickly ran back to the nearest mrt. Got drenched anyway with poncho and umbrella.

There ended our romantic date underneath the stars. Ahha

At least we tried "dating"

Hot day today!! Having peanut shaved ice And coconut pudding.

Ooohhh hubby's banana choc snow ice. He's looks impressive but the banana is fake flavour. Yucky

My mom took a pic of me giving Isaac a piggy back.

Just saw them and he looks so funny. Can balance and do funny faces for the camera.

Another shot!!

This boy really cracks me up. Haha.

Whilst I was crossing the busy road of united sq towards velocity he suddenly covered my eyes with his hands!!!

Don't know on purpose or what. I was shouting n laughing that I couldn't see!! I think ppl were looking at me strange. But I don't care la.

I thought he was so funny!! Naughty but funny!!

I'm too skool for kool!

Otw to the park just now.

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