Took Isaac to have his hepatitis A injection with Dr Chiang.

I must say, of all the drs that we've been for consult, she is dam good with her injection skills la!!!

Minimal fuss!!! And it was over before the dad realize it even happen.

Isaac just peep a little n she manage to pacify him very fast. He stop crying in less than a minute!

I'm glad I found her! She really caters to our allergy needs.

We also briefly discuss about his impending allergic rhinitis. Wanted to confirm whether

The flu he was having for the pass 2-3 weeks was actually flu or the start of his allergic rhinitis.

Glad it's just flu. And she went through with us on how to properly alleviate his runny nose symptom and stuff.

Learn something new in regards to his allergy rhinitis treatment.

Oh the above pic of soy latte. I hope I don't get tummy upset later hehe.

PS crispy onion burger with side of fries.

Alright. Back to work!!

Oh nooo. Grandma @maryannsee going back today!!!

Sobs 😞😞😞😞 *sad face*

So cute! @serhonp sent me this pic of them to remind me to come home faster from work! Ahaha

Dinner tonight #portioncontrolwin

Cinnamon pork chop, sautéed asparagus with garlic and leftover stuffed mushroom.

Isaac suddenly had an explosion of words!!

He just feel asleep at 10.30pm which is quite late. He's usual bedtime is 8-8.30pm

So for the past 2 hours he's been telling me:
"There is a hole. Light outside." Referring to the gap under the door where the light from living room is shining in.

"Ask daddy to on light". Daddy is outside so he was trying to open the door so the dad can on the lights for him. He didn't ask me cos I already said no, it's sleeping time.

Randomly pointing to objects in the darken room very proudly, example:

Points to door and said "door" then quickly point to the aircon and said "aircon!" Then points outside the window and said "CONDOMINIUM!!!!"

So proud of his own vocab. So funny, that I burst out laughing.

Today is the first time I heard him use the word "is".

"Daddy IS outside"
"This IS bicycle"

So random but he's picking up his verbs I guess.

After talking for 2 hrs, ask to go outside to listen to "Treasure" by Bruno Mars.

Naturally was signing along loudly with dance movement.

I'm so tired already ahhh trying to get him to sleep. Now that he's asleep….

Gonna sleep now! Night night!!! 😴😴😴😴😴

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