Today it's stuffings from the mushroom and steamed broccoli.

The stuffings is made from minced beef with spinach

Grocery delivery just came and here is Isaac camwhoring with the empty box.

Love it love it.

Double act cute.

Picture courtesy of @serhonp who is chillax ing with his son.


Father and son bonding over iPhone. Legos everywhere! 😡😡

Oh no! An allergic reaction!

5 odd hives came out.

Only explanation how he got it is contact with the fathers shirt.

The father ate carbonara which is made from raw egg. Must have splattered on his shirt when he ate and when he carried Isaac obviously he flared!!

Gave 5mls Zyrtec and applied steroid directly on all the rash.

Simple dinner tonight of steam red snapper with lemon n ginger. Eaten with fried caulirice.

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