Good morning everyone!

Breakfast today is butterhead lettuce, bacon and an egg!

I love yolk that are still runny. How bout you?


The dad making play-doh figurine for his son.

Dad has told me he is going to mix the colours of the play-doh. Omg, so I said ok, but in my mind I'm thinking if I can't stand it being mix I will buy a whole new set. Haha. Yes I'm anal like that.

The father knew I was stalking him so he held out the play doh he made for me to see towards the CCTV direction. Ahhaha.

Apparently Isaacs demands are getting more n more complicated.

First it was dog, then cat. Yesterday was panda. Today is train. Haha

The said train.

"A" for effort. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

@serhonp purposely takes out all the colours of the play-doh and texted to taunt me that he can't separate the colours out.

Display on the carpet for me to see on CCTV.

Hermph!! With husbands like this, who needs enemies? Ahahha

Gasp!!! 2 colours!!!

But Isaac was really enjoying it.

Then the dad made a car.

Ok la. I can see he didn't squash the diff colours together so can peel it off and put it back respectively to it's original colour.


Lunch today was at jacks place.

Ermm naturally I had the T-bone steak curtesy of my department. Hehe.

Pumped late today.


Now only manage to stalk. Eating his dinner.

Saw this in the newspaper to highlight the breast cancer check up.

Another one of the twitter app icon.

What a clever way of advertising and highlighting awareness to self breast examine.

Reminder to ladies reading this, please examine your boobies to detect unwanted lumps.

Because cancer treatment is expensive and we want to prolong our lives.

Dinner tonight.

A whole leg of lamb!!! Roasted with rosemary with a side of roasted celery, onions and carrot

My #portioncontrol win today!

Isaac is 26 months and 3 weeks today!

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