Good morning! Breakfast of porkchop and avocado.

Couldn't resist peeping at him just now. Eating fruits. Trying to feed the maid peaches and strawberries.


Oh hi!!! Did u know I was peeping at you? Ehhe.

He was so cute today before I left for work. Just going mummy mummy, daddy daddy.


My lunch date today!!

Forced him to have lunch with me since he's on leave.

And a quick cup of coffee before I get back to work!

Oooh one of the few places who can do coffee art with soy milk!! Good barista skill

Not sure what he's eating. Raisins I hope. But I saw him picking it up from he floor.

This boy ah!!


Then went on to read a book by himself. #boredmuch

Discovered a buffet place near where we live. Got Alaska crab leg n loads of oysters.
And free flow Sappora beer from 6.30-7.30pm.

We paid bout 92 for 2 person but I thought that the spread is really good wit loads of variety of food.

Whilst walking home from work I saw Isaac playing with some neighbourhood jie jie. They were quite nice n kept holding his hands n bringing him around.

He was so happy that his face was sprouting rainbows and stars. Haha

They are so cute!!! Saw me taking picture of them, then they gamely posed for a proper shot n force Isaac to smile n look at my direction!!!

So cute!!!

Watch them scramble to take the shot!!!

So so cute!!!

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