Good morning. We had leftover roasted lamb and veggies for breakfast.


I must jot this down.

Yesterday at the Japanese buffet place, I couldn't resist the dessert spread!!




I ATE a total OF 1 big SCOOP OF ICE-CREAM!!!



I'm so happy!!!

I think he passed the dairy test!!

Well, half passed la. Because so far he's ok with cheese and now ice cream. And the occasional milo

All of this is through my breast milk. I'll never give dairy products directly to him. I think he will just collapse if I do.

Will wait for the levels of his igE reaction to dairy and if it's on the "safe" level then I might introduce baked dairy goods first.

Next on the list for mummy to consume is


Cafe latte with real cows milk!

Big amounts of ice cream!!!

Omg, I'm going to be so fat real soon.

Die me.

This evening I tucked Isaac behind me to go for a walk in support of breast cancer!

A few of my boss and colleague brought along their kids too!! Got to meet up with kids his age!

I don't know what I was laughing about.

I think Isaac enjoyed himself. He got a lips tattoo on his arms. Eventhough he looks "gong-gong" but he was happy about.

He came back and showed the maid his tattoo and went "there my kiss tattoo". Haha so cute.

Wooo and kickoff!! Selfie at the start of the walk. We walked 4.1km from 5.30pm to nearly 7.00pm.

Very long walk but we had a good view of MBS, Singapore flyer and the marina barrage.

Isaac enjoyed looking at the kites on the barrage.

Wahhh kite!!! Taking a moment from the walk to kite watch.

Artsy shot of him having a cool drink on the barrage.

Oh my water is all gone!!!!

Come one lets not waddle and dawdle anymore. Let's go. Chop chop!!

Sunny and hot day with various booth. Headed for the free coffee after the walk.

Family photo to remember the walk by.

So everybody, remember to check your boobies regularly for any lump and bumps!!

It was very nice day albeit abit sunny. But it is Singapore. It's either very hot or rainy!!

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