Breakfast of smoked salmon, avocado and butterhead lettuce.

Aiyah I miss the bus by 1 minute, now have to wait for another 15-20mins

Eh eh eh. Just came! Ahha. Unpredictable!


Am pumping right now and saw Isaac jumping up and down whilst saying "jump".

And they were singing the "how much is that doggy in the window".

Complete with puppy action and "woof woof" sound.

This is what I want my fridge to look like.

Ok it half looks like that. Hehe.

When we get our own place it's gonna be more like this!

But walking back with full trolley is a bit*h. Especially uphill!! Ergh!!

Picture taken from @kayla_itsines Instagram!


Roasted lemon sage chicken and plain salad.


This boy so naughty ah!!! Push the cushion of the sofa down so that he can climb it up. Higher than usual from the normal cushion height.

Lucky the maid caught him before can climb higher.

Struggling with the maid. She said "go lock u in the play pen ah!!"

Then guess what the dunggu boy did.

He ran to his own play pen and closed himself inside.

Guess he can discipline himself.


Laughing to myself whilst pumping.

Shrimp pad Thai!!!

No noodles were used in this dish. Just almond butter, fish sauce, coconut Aminos with zucchini as noodles.

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