Isaac reading/playing with his books. Whenever I see him alone doing his own thing I feel 😥💔.

Normal right??

We are both tired today.

Isaac is more cranky than usual. Last night he kept waking up almost every hour.

I think his tummy is upset, maybe from my dairy consumption. I had a cup of milo before I slept? Not too sure. Or he was over stimulated the whole day because he was out the entire day.

Hopefully back to routine today, he will feel better!

Grilled beef salad lunch.


Ooohhh, father and son bonding time!


Notice the Lego blocks Isaac is holding.

He said "build so high, condominium"

Things you build and say and observe when you stay in Singapore. High condominium. Haha.

Roast chicken with lemon and sage. Side of toasted French fries.

My #portioncontrol plate. Heh.

Isaac was very happy this evening playing with the neighbourhood jie jies!

Over excited jie jie going for a hug!

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