Morning! Breakfast is n'oats oatmeal.

It's blended banana with coconut milk and chia seeds. Looks like overnight oats but it's not. Hehe

It's gonna be a long weekend.

Anyone free to have brunch n meet up? Eheh.

Saturday, Sunday or Monday also can.

Aiyah so boring CCTV today. Now it's eating time.


Dad is back to work. Busy month in ICU. My family weekends are gone cos dad needs to work everyday in October.


Having the same thing again as yesterday for lunch. But I don't mind because it's yummy.


In fact I'm grateful I get to have home cook food. If not my tummy problem would be worse.

So boring. Eating again. Nothing to see here


Today's dinner is cocoa rub grass fed beef ribs.

3.8kg chunk of meat roasted for 3 hours.

Medium rare. Still juicy.

Texture is ok. Taste not as nice as when I do it with pork ribs.

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