Eczema treatment

Standard issue breakfast.

Feeling much better today.

Husband looks like he has bounced back too.

Only Isaac emo emo n clingy. But nothing worrisome.

How we manage Isaacs eczema

Well you all know Isaac has super eczema since 3 weeks old of life. Picture here is super filtered to make him look like he has rosy cheeks but it's in fact bleeding broken dry red scaly skin

Went to his first pead who only said "Wah skin very bad"

Forced him to refer us to a skin specialist at national skin center.

From then on we manage his skin good but he still had ongoing flares and baseline redness n dryness.

Then at 7 monthwe truly found out the hardway why he had all these eczema!

As his parents, who are both healthcare professionals (dad dr, mom pharmacist) we couldn't even tell that it was food allergy related.

In our defense, dad is not a dermatologist and we previously worked in a "village" where they just don't get eczema, allergic rhinitis, as often as sterile clean city folks. All we see were poor frail old ppl and pregnant ppl. My he occasional sick kid with cough and cold.

Sharing with you all what we've learned so far. Partly inspired by @delight Nates urea

Outdated treatment (😝😝) and @calistallicious eczema troll post!

Will slowly dayre throughout the day ah on this.

Glad he's back to his own self. Playing on the floor leaving toys everywhere.


Treatment during flares

For soft baby skin like @delight Nate, it is recommended a very very thin coat of corticosteroids like hydrocortisone for persistent eczema.

The logic is, ur skin is like a ship, if it has holes in it, like in the case where eczema causes the skin barrier to be compromised, then u need to plug the ship/repair the barrier so that the ship doesn't sink!

If u worry steroids will have side effect, aiyah this one very mild and only use for 5 days! @serhonp has been using steroid for 30 yrs

He doesn't have side effect associated with the use of prolong corticosteroid.

He doesn't use much now since we changed our diet and I'm giving him less stress. Haha.

I used to wallop Isaac skin with the strongest steroid cream around which was his dad. It got better. Then I got paranoid that "oh I shouldn't be using such strong steroids on him" so I will stop and his eczema will come back again.

Ah if only I followed my own advice when I dispense to patient of tapering down the dose from


Our company had an internal weight loss competition amongst our staff. We sell a weight loss product so relaunch internally first.

It was a 1 month long duration and I am the biggest loser!! I lost 4% of my body weight.


Ok now back to food post


Steam cod fish topped with fried onions, fried garlic and spring onions. No soy sauce.

Side of simple salad

Opps interrupted post.

Steroid doses need to be tapered down and not to be stopped immediately. For instance if u r on twice daily dose, go with once a day for 3 days then once a day every other day for another 3 days and u can stop after

Elomet quite strong already @jennylau ! Can up to Dermovate but not for Arissa la.

Isaac had to use those with antibiotics + steroid because his was infected eczema!!

Eczema maintenance

The next phase after we've controlled the flare is to maintain the skins barrier level.

What I do for Isaac is bath in emollient based?? kind of shower gel. We use Physiogel shower gel. It's lipid base gel and we've been using since his few months of life until now.

For the dad when it was extremely dry the skin, he uses oilatum and qv shower gel.

After shower (never in super hot water cos it drys the skin) apply effing loads of moisturizer. We use Physiogel Cream (not lotion) for Isaac

And QV cream for daddy.

Amount use for Isaac
1 tube of 75mg Physiogel Cream a WEEK.

1 tube of 150gm Physiogel Cream lasts 2 weeks.

I think u guys get the idea right? To save cost, we use qv cream on Isaacs body/trunks (where it's not so dry) and everywhere else is Physiogel.

Daddy's usage not consistent. Got flare, use more. No more flare just simply plak plak apply.

But once it flares again, please repeat the steps above. It will save mummy and babies a lot of heart ache.

Recap: apply prescribed steroid creams 3 days full dose > 3 days once a day dose > 3 doses of every other day then stop. You may apply other special barrier creams. Ezra may help perhaps (but it did nothing for Isaac)

Note: Avoid all yellow soft paraffin/white soft paraffin/petroleum jelly based creams & emollients as it will clogged the skin and hamper healing!!
Check all the labels

For any petroleum based products. Check them aside or ownself use but not for eczema skin.

Avoidance of eczema triggers

This may be a bit tricky.

If u suspect food allergy that is causing this, please work with an experience allergist & immunologist.
He/she can also rule out environmental allergy like dust mites, pet dander, pollen, cockroaches etc.

Genetic lottery also plays a part in your treatment. Usually it's strong family history where both or one parent has eczema or allergic rhinitis or food/environmental allergy. Strong family history of asthma is also an indicator.

Therefore knowing your family

History also helps. Get those symptoms under control and the eczema will also be under control.

For Isaac, once we sorted out his food allergy and mommy avoided the allergy food (goes trough my breast milk) his skin totally cleared up! We don't use steroids anymore.

Just moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!

Ok that ends my rambling public service announcement on our eczema treatment.

Later I let you know the steroid creams from the strongest to the weakest and the common brand names and how to look for them by active ingredient name and not brand name.

Also I will post a treatment algorithm for eczema. Hehe. Share with you what the national skin center specialist shared with us.

But I don't think you can buy strong steroids over the counter so u may need to see a doctor for this. A pharmacist can help you only so much πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Let the dr check out whether it's infected etc

@delight @shalinho @jennylau @calistallicious

This might be useful for you guys. We certainly still do follow it and it works.

Also it's a summary of my long ass post la. Hehe.

Let me know if any clarification is needed.

The pic above not so clear la. Maybe this one clearer.

@calistallicious must continue to use ur elomet la. For smooth n clear skin use for up to 4 weeks each time then review every 3 months.

Dinner today, baked spicy sesame onion chicken, cucumber noodle salad and steamed broccoli.


#stillrecovering so eating less.

Took Isaac for an evening walk after I got home today.

Went to say hello to Mei Mei and jie jie.

They sat on the curb and ask me to take a picture of them!!!

These kids are so cute la!! And Isaac just loves hanging out with them. He really loves the attention n the short burst of play time he gets with them.

So happy!!!

Topical Corticosteroid Preparation Potencies

– active ingredient: Hydrocortisone 0.1-2.5%
– brand name: dioderm, efcortelan, mildison

-AI: betamethasone valerate 0.025%, clobetasone butyrate 0.05%
-BN: Betnovate, Eumovate

-AI: betamethasone valerate 0.1%(note the % strength), fluticasone 0.05%, mometasone 0.1%
-BN: Betnovate, Cutivate, Elomet

-AI: Clobetasol 0.05%,
-BN: Dermovate

All should be applied very thinly, against hair growth & not more than twice daily; once daily is sufficient.

Notes for Children

Kids r susceptible to side effects, but concerns on the safety should not result in kids being UNDER TREATED.

Aim is to control condition so we use a mild steroid. Can use moderate & potent steroid to treat severe atopic eczema and for the limbs
For 1-2 weeks ONLY, switching to less potent as condition improves!

If very "chialat" flare then use the most potent but short periods of 3-5 days.

Eg adults: use Dermovate twice on day 1, then once a day for Day 2-3, then go down to Elomet

For 1-2 weeks starting with twice a day for Week 1 then once a day for Week 2.

Must constantly review steroid application.

Also good to have different potency of steroid in the house.

Aiyah I type out so much no use.

Next time u all got flare ask me!!!

Let me work my brain juice again.

I need to feel useful. Hehe

@cikumuffin next time u want second opinion on the meds u or ur kids r taking I really don't mind going through it with you.

Seriously let me use my brains abit. Then I won't feel like a drone.

Ok over and out!!! 😴😴😴😴

End this eczema post with a picture of Isaac completely free of eczema on his face for the first time in his life.

This is after the first hospitalization for anaphylaxis reaction to egg. They treated him with adrenalin and anti histamines. The anti histamines worked wonders and totally cleared all his cheek flares!!!

Picture taken at 7 months old.

Hubby time now. 😘😘😘

Ok another one better angle.

I'm so amazed at the smoothness that many other parents take for granted.

My baby finally has baby smooth skin.

Ok ok. Good night!

Ps: dedicate this post to Nate! @delight

Hope he gets better soon!!!

Love, aunty Jo & Isaac korkor.


We got visited by the vomiting and diarrhea fairy last night.

At about 1am I heard Isaac retching. Woke up to check and true enough bed was covered in vomit!! Poor guy!

Scrambled to wipe him and clear the bed.

And suddenly the daddy @serhonp started shivering very very badly. He is also down with a bad tummy. Daddy went to puke too as his nausea was quite bad.

Serhon came back to bed shivering and asked if he can sleep by my side because it was sooo cold.

It was vomit on bed, Isaac, me and serhon.

All squished on 1 side.

Literally was kiap like a sandwich.

Not to mention I had my own tummy trouble.

Reporting 3 bowel movements in the hour before I left for work.

Cannot tahan already

Posted some reports to the authority which is due. Submitted it and told my boss I'm chowing. Cannot tahan. Waiting for bus to go home.

Blood drawing for Isaac’s allergist review

Breakfast of egg, bacon and lettuce.

Took Isaac to the hospital lab this morning.

Not because of his puking and diarrhea, but for his impending allergist review.

After I took this pic Isaac said to me;

"Aunty press, pain. Aunty put plaster"

😱😱😱😱this 27 month old boy can narrate back to me what happen when the phlebotomist drew his blood.

Surpise me everyday.

This round they took his blood quite differently.

First she tourniquet his arms. Then she alcohol swab his upper side of his hands.

At this point, he was still watching and looking at her wondering what she's doing to his hands. She took out the needle n was looking for his veins,

He was still watching her.

Finally, she poked him and then he realized what was going on.

She didn't draw his blood, but let it drip out drop by drop into the test tube.

At this point he was crying all the way with tears dripping. But he didn't struggle. I didn't even have to hold him tightly. Just gently wipe his tears away and said it's ok, just taking his blood.

Got to get him used to it man, his gonna do this very frequently.

I think quite good already la he just sit on my thighs n

Just let the phlebotomist press his hands n drips his blood out drop by drop.

I bluff him sumore. Say there, aunty give you sticker, say thank you!!

Lols. Poke him, press him then ask him to say thank you.

Well, I won't miss an opportunity to teach him manners la. Heehee.

Most cruel mother award goes to me!

Happily showing the maid his "sticker"

Left for work at 9.00am after that.


Lamb, avo ziki sauce and lettuce, cucumber & cherry tomato topping

Bite into it!

Ommnyomm nyom.

Oh shit! Literally.

Omg it's my turn now!!

About 3.30pm my tummy suddenly hurts so much.

Ran to toilet to try and puke. Nothing came out. Had the most horrible churning tummy ever.

Gush out high pressure watery diarrhea ever!!


Oh my god. I wanna die.

On the bus, dayreing and clutching my tummy.

Faster la bus. Reach home soon.

Need to crawl back n take my charcoal, buscopan and maxalon.


Back home!

Deposited what I need to in the loo

Came out and told Isaac that mummy stomach ache!!!

He then told me;
I: Isaac stomach ache no more.

Very good. On both accounts of no more stomach ache and For TELLING me you have no more tummy ache.

So happy ah!!

Dinner looked and smelled amazing. Steam cod fish topped with fried garlic and onions.

But my tummy was still churning and I only had a few bites.

Going to crash now.


Good night.

A smaller portion of cashew blueberry waffles for breakfast today + maple syrup.

Mummy went to work today. No choice got loads of dateline.


He looks ok now. Can play train with the helper. All is good.

Back to boringness.


Yesterday's dinner of beef & mixed vege stir fry.

Smells good after microwaving.

Looked ok during his lunch.

Hope didn't puke or diarrhea today.

For dinner tonight

Lettuce lamb boat with avo ziki sauce.

I love lamb. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Good night. Over and out. 😴😴😴

Took Isaac to the pead today.

Still retching and this morning loose stools.

Pead gave this hydralyte which is a ice block hydration solution.

Freeze it and it becomes a Popsicle.

Comes in orange and apple black currant flavour.

1 stick per hour.

None of my pharmacist friends has seen it before. I'll ask them to bring it in to Malaysia. Maybe can get cheaper price. Lols

However he still ok. Still asking for food. This morning was so impatient to eat his oats.

Then after seeing the pead he ask for more oats n mee sua.

Came back n the maid has cooked some pasta. When he heard got pasta he rush to his high chair cos he wants to eat!! Haha.

Of course I didn't let him eat his full portion incase the pukes again. Appetite is there just hopes he can keep it in!!

Ok back to boring , back to routine!

Cashew nut base blueberry waffles for breakfast!

(Told you I was boring)

Followed by lunch.

Lunch of pork meatballs with grated carrots n celery. Better this way, not to dry.

Eaten with simple salad.

Isaac did a big diarrhea at 2pm just now.

Fed him half the orange Popsicle. He kinda like it. He says orange cold cold!!

Then vomited a little shortly after at 2.50pm.

Lucky the pasta didn't come up. Just a little of the Popsicle rehydration fluid.

Looks like he's ok with the Popsicle. This time it's apple black currant.

Tasted it, it's abit salty (duh, it's rehydrating solution after all)

Excuse Isaac's derp face haha.

Lost 1kg. Now down to 11.7kg from 12.7kg

Aiyoo poor Isaac.

Diarrhea again at 5pm. Then puke also his dinner.

Only want boobies now.


#portioncontrol dinner.

Beef and mixed vege stir fry.

Nothing much to see here. Move along… πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“

After Isaacs puking n diarrhea session, I actually took him out for a walk.

Surprisingly he still got energy. He rode/paddles his bicycle all the way to see Mei Mei and jie jie. N called them out loudly to play.

Isaac came on his humble bike and Mei Mei came out with her VW beetle car.

Paiseh 😳😳

Can imagine next time when Isaac wants to take a girl out. He only has his bare nessecity whilst the girl is πŸ’΄πŸ’΅πŸ’·πŸ’ΆπŸ’°πŸ’³

Nvm, Isaac has heart of gold. Like father like son. Shallow pockets, deep hearts.


Mei Mei was nice enough to let him play with her car for a bit. Could tell he love it but didn't force and demand to play with it for long. Docile like that this Isaac.

Dammit, now mummies turn to have tummy upset.

Oh good night world. 😴😴😴

Over and out.

Spent the night tending to Isaac who is down with food poisoning.

Now have to pack up n go back Singapore.

Ready for the bus ride home.

Plastic bag to puke in, baby wipes, water and tissues.

Let it be a smooth 4.5 hours journey 😊😊

Good morning, it's breakfast time.

Fried egg, bacon and romaine lettuce.

Back to work work work!!!

Had a mini meet up with my uni mates as they attended the congress last Saturday. Didn't expect to see them. One came from Malaysia the other I thought still was on maternity leave.

So strange all of us are mothers now.

Us IMU gang.

Look at Isaac giving a pose. Haha.

It was a short but good catch up with my batch mates. Haven't seen them in ages. Close to a good 6 years? All before marriage and kids.


Looks happy at the moment.

Before we left this morning, he was asking to follow us to work.

Obviously cried when we said we can't bring him.

The father said "sorry Isaac, we got no choice, you have to stay at home while we go work." Father more sad than mother. Haha.

Lunch today.

Tin salmon, open can and throw in cherry tomatoes, olive oil.


Oh this is so cute.

Helping maid fold clothes!! Ahaha


I'm gonna give a list of chores for Isaac to the maid so Isaac does them.

Oh this shot clearer of him folding (more like playing) his clothes.


Dinner tonight

Rump steak with pepper and onions eaten with steam broccoli.

Over and out😴😴😴😴

Woke up early today to go for my personal trainer session today!

Hermmm so first time I fell and sprained ankle, this round he didn't show up.

Am I unlucky or what.

3 strikes and I'm gonna change trainer, request for extension and change location to novena instead of this branch.

Plus my ankle today feels tight and there is a "pull" to it. Ouch.

Nah proof. Tsk tsk. Scheduled for today.

Heading home now to get ready for a congress. Pushed my pt session in the morning so I can attend this pharmacy congress going on.

Nvm. I'll head home, shower and eat my breakfast.

Sick ppl food.

Simple broth with roasted/grilled chicken thighs.

Not sure y I had mild food poisoning. I think breakfast might have been the culprit.

Good morning.

Breakfast of baked egg, and carrot zucchini quiche.

I think it's the last of it!! Eat whole week sien already!

Made this at work today.

So cute. And so ngam it's cancer/crab isaacs astrology sign.

Office had a wellness week and invited a ballon sculpture artist to teach us how to make a crab!!

So fun and tedious at the same time. It's not easy. This crab was the easy version!!

Playing with his train set whilst waiting for the maid to cook his lunch.


Then ignoring her when she's done and asked him to come to eat. *typical rebellious teenager*


Just white lemon fish. 1.5pcs. Sure gonna look for more rubbish to eat later haha.

Helping the maid to decide what to cook for his dinner. #kaypoh


Isaac I think was happy to see the crab.

When I asked him what it was, he said its a LOBSTER!!!

Well close enough!! Hehe.

FYI I took it back by bus!!! Haha ok I stuffed it in those black garbage disposal plastic bags so it won't be so obvious.

Dinner tonight.

Striploin steak and zucchini noodles and cherry tomatoes.

Over and out!!!

Need to review my coffee drinking habits.

Having acidy feeling in upper tummy. And wide eyes as hell!!!

*goes off to google on whether coffee induces bloated and cramping*

Good morning.

Breakfast today is baked eggs n bacon cup, smoked salmon and avocado.

Just had black coffee, no sugar no milk. I have to have self preservation not to drink another mug for the whole day.

Dear lord, please gip me strength to resist caffeine. Heh.

Helping the maid with house chores today. #stalkermomseries

This morning persuasive conversation with Isaac went like this.
I: want to follow mummy. Go out. Follow mummy. Want to follow.
Me: how to follow, mummy needs to go work.

I: *ngarr* want to follow, wan to go out go work. Follow mummy. Mummy came back ( means don't go but be at home)

Me: no, mummy not staying home, mummy going work.

I: come back come back!!!!

First time he has ask to follow me to work.

1 week of me staying home

Wrecked his routine. He wants his milk buffet to be at home with him and he also wants me to take him out for a walk.

Ah well, they do grow and do become more aware of things.

If only he can grow out of his night nursing and sleep through the night. *wishful thinking*


Brought steak to work! And steam broccoli.


Stalked Isaac just now, he was singing "treasure-Bruno Mars" by himself then suddenly exclaim

"Ooohhhh!!! Yaya (the maid) pocket!!" N pointing at her pocket.

Wtf. Like never see pocket before.

Burst out laughing in the office.

Can't wait to go home and see my Isaac. Only because today he wants to follow me to work! 😍😍

My #portioncontrol dinner of white lemon fish, stir fry mushrooms and jicama fries. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.

Over and out. Night night 😴😴😴

Breakfast today:

Carrot & zucchini quiche.

2nd breakfast of the day.

My office is having some healthy breakfast thing going on.

Mostly a lot of bread, fake cheddar sliced cheese and cornflakes. Can't eat those.

So picked and chose what I can.

Hehe. Isaac telling a very passionate story!!


This reminds me of a conversation I had with @serhonp yesterday.

SH: so what child enrichment class should we send Isaac to next time?
Swimming, piano,… What else?


SH: what?? 😳😳😱😱

Me: yeay, it's so our son right? I can just imagine him dancing, half naked and painting to music!! It's so "him" right.

SH: "speechless"

FYI, artistic genes run in his side of the family

Husbands dad was an award winning artist locally in Malaysia.

His paintings sold during those days could fetch a few thousand ringgit.

Now I'm not sure how much. But his art is not for everyone. It's very "exaggerated realism"

When I look at his paintings, it invokes some sort of sadness in me. Can't explain it.

Burger patty with carrot pancake as buns. Eaten with leftover morrocon caulirice.


Sadden by a fellow dayrean who had to delete her account

She was one of the first few in dayre that I followed who make me "feel" and made me realize a few things in life.

For example:
-do your task perfectly
-never give up on bad situation
-change your mindset if u can't change the situation

I do hope that she will also remember to follow her heartfelt advice that I have followed and applied in my daily life.

But I do believe she will make a comeback. She is strong and not a quiter!!

I am sure others will hire her and maybe at the other

Place, she will get acknowledge more for the hardwork that she has put in and she will have a greater work life balance.

Maybe something even better will come out of this.

Only those who persevere will find out.

Ps: I'm not very good at expressing myself, but that doesn't mean I don't have emotions, ok? πŸ˜‰

I'm also thinking, at this day and age, I don't think anyone can escape the social media. It's everywhere!!

I know my company has a proper guideline on what to say online. If it doesn't go into direct detail to reveal anything it's ok!

Example: if I have a presentation and I want to talk about it I can. Just don't mention what was the presentation about and that it doesn't divulge companies confidential info.

So these company have to keep up with the program.

Dinner was grilled grassfed sirloin steak with stir fry asparagus.

Good morning!

It's a waffles kinda day.

Chocolate chip waffles #grainfree

Saw the maid reading to Isaac at the corner of the living room.


Her pronunciation and intonation is very colloquial, but hey, she's trying and I really don't mind.

Keeps hem occupied during the day.

Today's #leftoverlunch

It's the same as yesterday. Creature of routine.

Ribs this time slathered with horn made BBQ sauce and simple salad with avocado.

Relaxing on the floor. Waiting for helper to cook his dinner.

I saw her giving him to taste-test his spaghetti. See whether he eats it or not.

Gluten-free, eggfree soy free spaghetti bought from fair price. Trying it out first time.


Dinner tonight!

Portobello mushroom as buns

Mince beef + bacon + green pepper in the patties.

Topped with bacon chips and avocado.

The orange looking thing is my cheese. Haha no la.
It's carrot+egg+coconut flour to look like my cheese.

Cross section of the deliciousness!!

2 baked eggs wrapped in bacon + mystery meat inside for breakfast. Hahah

#stalkermomseries is back!!

Looking for him on CCTV. Found him hiding behind his play pen.

Ran to the maid to tell her he smells her cooking Bakuteh.

And ran back to hide behind his play pen again.

Haha. I think he can't wait for his lunch time which he presumes to be Bakuteh.


Cocoa coffee rub ribs and simple salad.

Reading in the afternoon. #stalkermomseries

For dinner tonight, it's Moroccan caulirice and baked red snapper with lemon, capers and spring onion.

Went back here again for brunch/lunch

Chicken tikka naan-which, butterscotch and toasted coconut milkshake (yes milkshake!!! 😁😁😁) and side of nacho chips. All in the set!

Aiyoo!! And then he flared. He already had 3 dots before the meal started and we don't know where that came from.

Suspected is the ergo carrier which was contaminated or was serhons shirt.

This one really no idea. Rushed home and Zyrtec him.

#ootn with my sprained ankle hidden. Like a school girl!!

Breakfast today.

Chocolate gluten free waffles (just replaced the blueberries with waffles) slathered in almond butter and 2 small bananas.

Ok la, style it to look more appetizing!

How a cross section of it looks like.

This waffles doesn't have a texture of those crispy light type that u can get outside.

Instead it's very dense and cake light. Yet moist at the same time? I mean it is after all nut based.

Lunch today was crab cakes with a poach egg on top. Not bad ah. They use real crabs.

Cross section of the said crab cakes. It's good and something different. But it's not wow in taste. Just good. He he.

Dinner tonight, cocoa rub ribs, leftover wings, zucchini salad and butterhead lettuce.

4th wedding anniversary

Breakfast today.

Egg, bacon and butterhead lettuce.

Hobbling to work for a meeting. Dammit, ankles still sore.

Happy 4th anniversary @serhonp!!

Good thing about being married on such and easy-to-remember date that everyone remembers it!!

Had a lot of friends wishing us happy anniversary. Even if husband forgets, that's alright, because everyone else remembers.

Feeling loved 😍😍😍

Of course husband didn't forget la.

He wished me last night and this morning before he left for work.

And at 10.10am he wanted to whatsapp that he "captured" at that time during the "jip sang liong(spelling)"

But he got busy in ICU and manage to wish only at 10.30am. It's ok. Good enough. Thoughts that count. 😁

10:10am on 10/10/10

Now I'm otw back home after meeting in office!

Back to Isaac and home cook lunch.

I've been snapping pic of all my meals and sending it to my personal trainer.

Today he said, "how come your food looks like hotel food!"

Haha. I'll take it as a compliment.

I guess it's diff from all the boiled chicken breast and broccoli most body builders eat. Yuck. Not sustainable la. I love eat and I enjoy it.

Loving my #leftoverlunch

Wings, bacon wrapped asparagus and avocado sauce.

Made a big batch of chocolate waffles.

And baked bacon & eggs in a cup.

Our breakfast for 2 days settled!

Breakfast this morning!!

Grain-free porridge with banana and some walnuts.

It's made with coconut milk, shredded coconut, almond butter, cinnamon and maple syrup a touch to sweeten it.

Isaac breakfast champion today!

He ate 5 oz of his oats, 1 whole banana and half a huge sweet potato!!

I don't know what got into him. So hungry. Keep on saying "want some more".

Said sweet potato!!

It's really huge and half of it gone into the small boys tummy on top of his usual breakfast.


Chicken wings, cauliflower rice and some of Isaac's leftover sweet potato.

Coffee time. Have to go out and study. If not Isaac will keep disturbing me and I can't concentrate with his cries!

Keep failing my web based training assessment because I can't remember what I've read with all the distraction.

Latte again, because I never learn.

Yesterday's latte did not result in a flare on Isaac's skin.

But, it gave me the tummy churns not to mention, the nausea and bloatedness.

2nd drink. It looks so good.

Will report if I suffer later! Bahahaha.

Iced mocha. Chocolate gelato with expresso poured over and topped with milk. 😍😍

So proud of Isaac!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

He can finally scoot!!!

Not easy because I bought the al-cheapo scooter that is very unstable. The handle and front wheels is not stationary and pivots around like an adult bicycle.

So for him to stabilize the handle and scoot is amazing.

At least it's amazing for me! I'm so proud!!

A lot of milestones unlock this week

1) second last molars erupted

2) able to scoot with flimsy scooter

3) able to tolerate cows milk through mummy's breast milk (unconfirmed-but keeping my fingers crossed on this)

Must be the effect of the "Blood Moon"

Google on what famous astrologer said about the blood moon.

Dinner tonight!!

My #portioncontrol

2 (make that 3) pieces of lamb chop, bacon wrapped asparagus and big dollop of avo ziki sauce.

Avocado + cucumber + garlic + dill + salt pepper mash together.

Good morning!!!

Roasted butternut squash, topped with coconut butter and 2 slices back bacon.

Lunch plate. #leftoverlunch

Everything leftover. Salad leaves garnished with leftover butternut squash, leftover beef rib steak, garnished with cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Having my first glass of latte in a long long time.

With cows milk!!!!!!

I hope Isaac skin don't explode later!!! 😱😱😱😱

And I don't get the runs n bloatedness.

Studying for a new role right now. Having mc is no fun when I have alotttttt of training to complete before Friday!

Wooooh. After 3 hours I'm running to the loo!! Dam you cows milk!!

And now Isaac is bf-ing. Let's see if anything happens. Hope not!!

Isaacs 2 year old molars are half way out!

I didn't even realise he was teething.

No fever, no extra crankiness.

Everything's the same.

It's already almost all erupted. Even the maid just realize his teeth were half way out yesterday. Funny boy.

All I feel is extra sore nipples this 2-3 days.

Maybe because he is latching more to comfort so extra "friction"

And I thought because I'm ovulating so nipples abit more sore.

Ok too much info! Haha

It's been a while since we've been to the park!!

I pramed him here because can't carry n put on weight due to my ankle.

Look at how he goes down the slide!!! Aiyo.

Well if he falls then too bad!! 😝😝😝

After a while, he got bored at the park and request to go to play with Mei Mei and jie jie.

So I pram him back to near our place.

Guess he don't like the park anymore because nobody plays with him there 😞😞😞😞

Here the Mm n jie jie acknowledges him and gives him a hug when they come and greet him. Hehe.

My dinner tonight.

Grill porkchop, cauliflower rice and cucumber salad

So far what I've reported to the personal trainer has garnered a πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ response.

Ok la. Better than a lecture.

Good morning everybody!
Breakfast of avocado, salad leaves and smoked salmon.

Going to hobble to work for a meeting later and show my mc to boss for the week off.

Lunch today. Roasted chicken and plain salad.

Back home now.

Told my boss I have mc for a week but I came today for the meeting.

She was like 😱😱😱 and ask me to take taxi home. And to claim the taxi fare home too.

Oh so nice!!!!

Now I'm home, breast feeding the son. I hope to get my online training done by the time I return to work this Friday.

Ergh purple colour now the bruise.

Next will be yellow.

The little ones looking for mimosa in the evening.

#Neighborhood friends

Dinner tonight. Leftover grass fed rib steak, steam broccoli and zucchini noodles.

Banana and mantau buns for Isaacs breakfast.

Mummy hasn't had her breakfast yet.

Wah looking quite bad now. Bruising already. Definitely tore some ligaments.

First meal of the day.

Wagyu beef burger at jones grocer.

Fail diet control.

Emo contemplating the world. But must act cute also

Today's #portioncontrol win dinner!

4 (yes really only 4) mid joint chicken wing baked with Tabasco hot sauce, leftover cauliflower paella on the right hand corner and zucchini noodles with cherry tomatoes as main.

I have to report what I eat now to the personal trainer.

Obviously lunch of wagyu beef burger got a scolding from him haha. N he said it was too much!! Aiyo do girls in Singapore really starve themselves. Sure la thin if don't eat!!

@cikumuffin buy a julienne peeler.

Just peel it and become noodles. Haha

I bought in tangs Singapore. Not sure Msia have or not.

Good morning!! Isaac is having oats now. And if not enough there is a banana waiting for him.

Ohhh so big!!

Ownself scoop so big then say big. Pfftt!

Hahaha at the hospital just to make sure no fracture. Plus need rest before I can fully walk again.

Excuse for mc la!

Hubby making fun of me walking with my "tempang" leg.

Isaacs lunch today.

White rice with pumpkin and chicken.

Wah omg. Took almost a 3 hour nap!

Good morning.

This is one of Isaac's usual breakfast. 1 banana and mantau buns!

Arghh!!! Arrived at the swimming center and it's closed!!!!

Due to lightning alert!! Godamit

It's pouring!!!

We got stuck in the rain. Now at novena square.

So mummy had coffee at curry times.

And did some grocery shopping at cold storage.


Isaacs lunch!!!

Gluten free, soy free, egg free and diary free shell pasta.

First make simple broth of chicken meat, black peppercorn and carrots. Then throw in the pasta.

All done, serve n eat!

And since he loves pasta, he will feed it himself. Haha.


So I decided to treat myself.

I bought 8 sessions of personal training at my gym.

Because I'm not getting any better with my techniques and strength.

Will see how that works out.

Isaacs 2nd dinner (his first dinner was at 4.30pm but I wasn't home to take pic of it)

White rice and black sauce chicken and steam corn (not pictured)

Dinner tonight is seafood paella.

Rice is shredded cauliflower, jumbo prawns hidden and mussels!

The broth is made with saffron steeped in water (don't know whether saffron is real or synthetic bought from fairprice)

My #portioncontrol

Win or lose???

On another note, my ankles busted from tripping!!!


Ergh gotten more swollen.

Fry ups galore today!!!

Egg, bacon and smoke salmon. Haha. Random. But trying to finish it up.


Running to the dining table cos it's lunch time!

I can hear him telling the maid he wants Bakuteh!!! Drink Bakuteh soup!!!

True klang boy this one.

@serhonp we gotta go back klang n makan Bakuteh!!!


Lunch time! Today feel so constipated with back to back task to do that I haven't got time to go to the loo yet!!

Leftover beef ribs smothered in homemade BBQ sauce and simple salad.

Went to taka for member sale and had dinner at ichiban boshi.

Bought a plate that has division for portion control. Hehe let's see if that helps!!

Also bought my mom a waffle maker, the same as mine.

My sushi dinner.

The set had uni, ebi, ikura, scallops and other good stuff.

Pretty value for sgd29.90!!

It also came with a miso soup with crab inside!!! Super value!!! Crab was fleshy too.

And chawan mushi with ikura.

I mean, is this not value or what??

I'm all for quality but I won't pay exorbitant price for it.

Tomorrow I promise to bring Isaac to go swimming.

So need to wake up early and Zoom off after his breakfast.

Oh had to post this.

Isaac posing with hands in his pocket.

Maybe I'll just retire and become his momnager.

Send him to acting classes and modeling shoots.

Bahahha. Not!!!

N'oats oatmeal with strawberries, peaches and sliced almonds.

We be rolling yo!!!!

So bored till kitchen floor is so nice to roll on.


And then he reads a book!

This morning when we were eating breakfast, he was also quietly reading (looking) at a book in the living room.

Ok la so means he can entertain himself. Then saw the fathers plate of fresh fruits went "wow!!!" And stole some peach.

#throwback to when Isaac was 6 months old. Cheeks are papery dry

I have to delete so much photos to update ios8. Still need to delete more photos!!! Gonna post some cute photos if I do come across them. Haha

Can you see his skin vs mummies skin!!!


At that time we thought it was normal baby eczema. Turns out it's because of his allergy to dairy through my breast milk that constantly makes him flare.

One of those really bad flares with blood oozing.

Actually it was constantly bleeding la.

Even though I have bad skin, I'm still cute ok!


Yes I have blood scabs on my cheeks. But who cares!!!! Confidence is the most handsomest thing I can have. Hehe.

Aiyo so many photos la!! Can't bear to delete them anymore.

#leftoverlunch today.

Roasted beef ribs and steamed broccoli.


Recap for September 2014!

Just wanted to note that my medical director finally acknowledged me.

It was to thank me for the meeting held with the regulators.

I'm thankful because I get to exchange the points for $200 worth of Takashimaya points!!!

Monetary thanks was not important but the email from global biosimilar taskforce head n general manager and from the speaker himself was enough.

She took a step further n suggested to management for an applause award!

So thank you! I'm grateful for the acknowledgement

1:1 with line manager

My new line manager had a 1:1 with me and she thanked me for a job well done and said management was happy with my performance.

She also said she could see I managed n organize my work well


I'm so happy to hear this after a very very bad start with the company where the previous line manager bad mouth me in less than a month of me working to the MD.

So I had to prove myself very very very hard. But I did, and was confirmed early in the company.

And with all the above I'm so glad

I am now recognized for my performance rather than just hearsay.

Also glad I didn't throw in the towel and QUIT!!!!

I need the moolah. And now increased salary after confirmation, I'm even more excited.

So yeahooo

I just want to give thanks to the universe.

Thank you thank you.

I promise to work diligently in the future and to do my task properly.

Nothing to see here, having his dinner. #stalkermomseries


Took outside for a walk and Isaac went straight to Mei Mei house.

Her father passed by and she proudly exclaimed "see my bf!" Referring to Isaac.

Haha so funny. Her dad also smiled.

Oh dear, Houston, we have a problem. Hehhe

And mummy did not do anything to stop it. Hahaha.

And he resigned to the fact he's in the death grip.

Hug la hug….

Dinner of Asian style orange scallops, stir fry button mushrooms and peeled raw water chestnut as desserts.

Crunch, crunch.

On another note, Isaacs god ma has spoilt Isaac once again with JEREMY SCOTTS and Adidas collaboration shoes!!

It's the one with fiery wings!!!
She be crazy!!!

The middle one with bones is hers la.

She was the one who got Isaac his leopard Adidas shoes too.