N'oats oatmeal with strawberries, peaches and sliced almonds.

We be rolling yo!!!!

So bored till kitchen floor is so nice to roll on.


And then he reads a book!

This morning when we were eating breakfast, he was also quietly reading (looking) at a book in the living room.

Ok la so means he can entertain himself. Then saw the fathers plate of fresh fruits went "wow!!!" And stole some peach.

#throwback to when Isaac was 6 months old. Cheeks are papery dry

I have to delete so much photos to update ios8. Still need to delete more photos!!! Gonna post some cute photos if I do come across them. Haha

Can you see his skin vs mummies skin!!!


At that time we thought it was normal baby eczema. Turns out it's because of his allergy to dairy through my breast milk that constantly makes him flare.

One of those really bad flares with blood oozing.

Actually it was constantly bleeding la.

Even though I have bad skin, I'm still cute ok!


Yes I have blood scabs on my cheeks. But who cares!!!! Confidence is the most handsomest thing I can have. Hehe.

Aiyo so many photos la!! Can't bear to delete them anymore.

#leftoverlunch today.

Roasted beef ribs and steamed broccoli.


Recap for September 2014!

Just wanted to note that my medical director finally acknowledged me.

It was to thank me for the meeting held with the regulators.

I'm thankful because I get to exchange the points for $200 worth of Takashimaya points!!!

Monetary thanks was not important but the email from global biosimilar taskforce head n general manager and from the speaker himself was enough.

She took a step further n suggested to management for an applause award!

So thank you! I'm grateful for the acknowledgement

1:1 with line manager

My new line manager had a 1:1 with me and she thanked me for a job well done and said management was happy with my performance.

She also said she could see I managed n organize my work well


I'm so happy to hear this after a very very bad start with the company where the previous line manager bad mouth me in less than a month of me working to the MD.

So I had to prove myself very very very hard. But I did, and was confirmed early in the company.

And with all the above I'm so glad

I am now recognized for my performance rather than just hearsay.

Also glad I didn't throw in the towel and QUIT!!!!

I need the moolah. And now increased salary after confirmation, I'm even more excited.

So yeahooo

I just want to give thanks to the universe.

Thank you thank you.

I promise to work diligently in the future and to do my task properly.

Nothing to see here, having his dinner. #stalkermomseries


Took outside for a walk and Isaac went straight to Mei Mei house.

Her father passed by and she proudly exclaimed "see my bf!" Referring to Isaac.

Haha so funny. Her dad also smiled.

Oh dear, Houston, we have a problem. Hehhe

And mummy did not do anything to stop it. Hahaha.

And he resigned to the fact he's in the death grip.

Hug la hug….

Dinner of Asian style orange scallops, stir fry button mushrooms and peeled raw water chestnut as desserts.

Crunch, crunch.

On another note, Isaacs god ma has spoilt Isaac once again with JEREMY SCOTTS and Adidas collaboration shoes!!

It's the one with fiery wings!!!
She be crazy!!!

The middle one with bones is hers la.

She was the one who got Isaac his leopard Adidas shoes too.

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