Fry ups galore today!!!

Egg, bacon and smoke salmon. Haha. Random. But trying to finish it up.


Running to the dining table cos it's lunch time!

I can hear him telling the maid he wants Bakuteh!!! Drink Bakuteh soup!!!

True klang boy this one.

@serhonp we gotta go back klang n makan Bakuteh!!!


Lunch time! Today feel so constipated with back to back task to do that I haven't got time to go to the loo yet!!

Leftover beef ribs smothered in homemade BBQ sauce and simple salad.

Went to taka for member sale and had dinner at ichiban boshi.

Bought a plate that has division for portion control. Hehe let's see if that helps!!

Also bought my mom a waffle maker, the same as mine.

My sushi dinner.

The set had uni, ebi, ikura, scallops and other good stuff.

Pretty value for sgd29.90!!

It also came with a miso soup with crab inside!!! Super value!!! Crab was fleshy too.

And chawan mushi with ikura.

I mean, is this not value or what??

I'm all for quality but I won't pay exorbitant price for it.

Tomorrow I promise to bring Isaac to go swimming.

So need to wake up early and Zoom off after his breakfast.

Oh had to post this.

Isaac posing with hands in his pocket.

Maybe I'll just retire and become his momnager.

Send him to acting classes and modeling shoots.

Bahahha. Not!!!

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