Good morning.

This is one of Isaac's usual breakfast. 1 banana and mantau buns!

Arghh!!! Arrived at the swimming center and it's closed!!!!

Due to lightning alert!! Godamit

It's pouring!!!

We got stuck in the rain. Now at novena square.

So mummy had coffee at curry times.

And did some grocery shopping at cold storage.


Isaacs lunch!!!

Gluten free, soy free, egg free and diary free shell pasta.

First make simple broth of chicken meat, black peppercorn and carrots. Then throw in the pasta.

All done, serve n eat!

And since he loves pasta, he will feed it himself. Haha.


So I decided to treat myself.

I bought 8 sessions of personal training at my gym.

Because I'm not getting any better with my techniques and strength.

Will see how that works out.

Isaacs 2nd dinner (his first dinner was at 4.30pm but I wasn't home to take pic of it)

White rice and black sauce chicken and steam corn (not pictured)

Dinner tonight is seafood paella.

Rice is shredded cauliflower, jumbo prawns hidden and mussels!

The broth is made with saffron steeped in water (don't know whether saffron is real or synthetic bought from fairprice)

My #portioncontrol

Win or lose???

On another note, my ankles busted from tripping!!!


Ergh gotten more swollen.

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