Banana and mantau buns for Isaacs breakfast.

Mummy hasn't had her breakfast yet.

Wah looking quite bad now. Bruising already. Definitely tore some ligaments.

First meal of the day.

Wagyu beef burger at jones grocer.

Fail diet control.

Emo contemplating the world. But must act cute also

Today's #portioncontrol win dinner!

4 (yes really only 4) mid joint chicken wing baked with Tabasco hot sauce, leftover cauliflower paella on the right hand corner and zucchini noodles with cherry tomatoes as main.

I have to report what I eat now to the personal trainer.

Obviously lunch of wagyu beef burger got a scolding from him haha. N he said it was too much!! Aiyo do girls in Singapore really starve themselves. Sure la thin if don't eat!!

@cikumuffin buy a julienne peeler.

Just peel it and become noodles. Haha

I bought in tangs Singapore. Not sure Msia have or not.

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