Good morning!!!

Roasted butternut squash, topped with coconut butter and 2 slices back bacon.

Lunch plate. #leftoverlunch

Everything leftover. Salad leaves garnished with leftover butternut squash, leftover beef rib steak, garnished with cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Having my first glass of latte in a long long time.

With cows milk!!!!!!

I hope Isaac skin don't explode later!!! 😱😱😱😱

And I don't get the runs n bloatedness.

Studying for a new role right now. Having mc is no fun when I have alotttttt of training to complete before Friday!

Wooooh. After 3 hours I'm running to the loo!! Dam you cows milk!!

And now Isaac is bf-ing. Let's see if anything happens. Hope not!!

Isaacs 2 year old molars are half way out!

I didn't even realise he was teething.

No fever, no extra crankiness.

Everything's the same.

It's already almost all erupted. Even the maid just realize his teeth were half way out yesterday. Funny boy.

All I feel is extra sore nipples this 2-3 days.

Maybe because he is latching more to comfort so extra "friction"

And I thought because I'm ovulating so nipples abit more sore.

Ok too much info! Haha

It's been a while since we've been to the park!!

I pramed him here because can't carry n put on weight due to my ankle.

Look at how he goes down the slide!!! Aiyo.

Well if he falls then too bad!! 😝😝😝

After a while, he got bored at the park and request to go to play with Mei Mei and jie jie.

So I pram him back to near our place.

Guess he don't like the park anymore because nobody plays with him there 😞😞😞😞

Here the Mm n jie jie acknowledges him and gives him a hug when they come and greet him. Hehe.

My dinner tonight.

Grill porkchop, cauliflower rice and cucumber salad

So far what I've reported to the personal trainer has garnered a 👍👍👍👍 response.

Ok la. Better than a lecture.

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