Breakfast this morning!!

Grain-free porridge with banana and some walnuts.

It's made with coconut milk, shredded coconut, almond butter, cinnamon and maple syrup a touch to sweeten it.

Isaac breakfast champion today!

He ate 5 oz of his oats, 1 whole banana and half a huge sweet potato!!

I don't know what got into him. So hungry. Keep on saying "want some more".

Said sweet potato!!

It's really huge and half of it gone into the small boys tummy on top of his usual breakfast.


Chicken wings, cauliflower rice and some of Isaac's leftover sweet potato.

Coffee time. Have to go out and study. If not Isaac will keep disturbing me and I can't concentrate with his cries!

Keep failing my web based training assessment because I can't remember what I've read with all the distraction.

Latte again, because I never learn.

Yesterday's latte did not result in a flare on Isaac's skin.

But, it gave me the tummy churns not to mention, the nausea and bloatedness.

2nd drink. It looks so good.

Will report if I suffer later! Bahahaha.

Iced mocha. Chocolate gelato with expresso poured over and topped with milk. 😍😍

So proud of Isaac!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

He can finally scoot!!!

Not easy because I bought the al-cheapo scooter that is very unstable. The handle and front wheels is not stationary and pivots around like an adult bicycle.

So for him to stabilize the handle and scoot is amazing.

At least it's amazing for me! I'm so proud!!

A lot of milestones unlock this week

1) second last molars erupted

2) able to scoot with flimsy scooter

3) able to tolerate cows milk through mummy's breast milk (unconfirmed-but keeping my fingers crossed on this)

Must be the effect of the "Blood Moon"

Google on what famous astrologer said about the blood moon.

Dinner tonight!!

My #portioncontrol

2 (make that 3) pieces of lamb chop, bacon wrapped asparagus and big dollop of avo ziki sauce.

Avocado + cucumber + garlic + dill + salt pepper mash together.

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