4th wedding anniversary

Breakfast today.

Egg, bacon and butterhead lettuce.

Hobbling to work for a meeting. Dammit, ankles still sore.

Happy 4th anniversary @serhonp!!

Good thing about being married on such and easy-to-remember date that everyone remembers it!!

Had a lot of friends wishing us happy anniversary. Even if husband forgets, that's alright, because everyone else remembers.

Feeling loved 😍😍😍

Of course husband didn't forget la.

He wished me last night and this morning before he left for work.

And at 10.10am he wanted to whatsapp that he "captured" at that time during the "jip sang liong(spelling)"

But he got busy in ICU and manage to wish only at 10.30am. It's ok. Good enough. Thoughts that count. 😁

10:10am on 10/10/10

Now I'm otw back home after meeting in office!

Back to Isaac and home cook lunch.

I've been snapping pic of all my meals and sending it to my personal trainer.

Today he said, "how come your food looks like hotel food!"

Haha. I'll take it as a compliment.

I guess it's diff from all the boiled chicken breast and broccoli most body builders eat. Yuck. Not sustainable la. I love eat and I enjoy it.

Loving my #leftoverlunch

Wings, bacon wrapped asparagus and avocado sauce.

Made a big batch of chocolate waffles.

And baked bacon & eggs in a cup.

Our breakfast for 2 days settled!

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