#ootn with my sprained ankle hidden. Like a school girl!!

Breakfast today.

Chocolate gluten free waffles (just replaced the blueberries with waffles) slathered in almond butter and 2 small bananas.

Ok la, style it to look more appetizing!

How a cross section of it looks like.

This waffles doesn't have a texture of those crispy light type that u can get outside.

Instead it's very dense and cake light. Yet moist at the same time? I mean it is after all nut based.

Lunch today was crab cakes with a poach egg on top. Not bad ah. They use real crabs.

Cross section of the said crab cakes. It's good and something different. But it's not wow in taste. Just good. He he.

Dinner tonight, cocoa rub ribs, leftover wings, zucchini salad and butterhead lettuce.

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