Good morning!

It's a waffles kinda day.

Chocolate chip waffles #grainfree

Saw the maid reading to Isaac at the corner of the living room.


Her pronunciation and intonation is very colloquial, but hey, she's trying and I really don't mind.

Keeps hem occupied during the day.

Today's #leftoverlunch

It's the same as yesterday. Creature of routine.

Ribs this time slathered with horn made BBQ sauce and simple salad with avocado.

Relaxing on the floor. Waiting for helper to cook his dinner.

I saw her giving him to taste-test his spaghetti. See whether he eats it or not.

Gluten-free, eggfree soy free spaghetti bought from fair price. Trying it out first time.


Dinner tonight!

Portobello mushroom as buns

Mince beef + bacon + green pepper in the patties.

Topped with bacon chips and avocado.

The orange looking thing is my cheese. Haha no la.
It's carrot+egg+coconut flour to look like my cheese.

Cross section of the deliciousness!!

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