Breakfast today:

Carrot & zucchini quiche.

2nd breakfast of the day.

My office is having some healthy breakfast thing going on.

Mostly a lot of bread, fake cheddar sliced cheese and cornflakes. Can't eat those.

So picked and chose what I can.

Hehe. Isaac telling a very passionate story!!


This reminds me of a conversation I had with @serhonp yesterday.

SH: so what child enrichment class should we send Isaac to next time?
Swimming, piano,… What else?


SH: what?? 😳😳😱😱

Me: yeay, it's so our son right? I can just imagine him dancing, half naked and painting to music!! It's so "him" right.

SH: "speechless"

FYI, artistic genes run in his side of the family

Husbands dad was an award winning artist locally in Malaysia.

His paintings sold during those days could fetch a few thousand ringgit.

Now I'm not sure how much. But his art is not for everyone. It's very "exaggerated realism"

When I look at his paintings, it invokes some sort of sadness in me. Can't explain it.

Burger patty with carrot pancake as buns. Eaten with leftover morrocon caulirice.


Sadden by a fellow dayrean who had to delete her account

She was one of the first few in dayre that I followed who make me "feel" and made me realize a few things in life.

For example:
-do your task perfectly
-never give up on bad situation
-change your mindset if u can't change the situation

I do hope that she will also remember to follow her heartfelt advice that I have followed and applied in my daily life.

But I do believe she will make a comeback. She is strong and not a quiter!!

I am sure others will hire her and maybe at the other

Place, she will get acknowledge more for the hardwork that she has put in and she will have a greater work life balance.

Maybe something even better will come out of this.

Only those who persevere will find out.

Ps: I'm not very good at expressing myself, but that doesn't mean I don't have emotions, ok? 😉

I'm also thinking, at this day and age, I don't think anyone can escape the social media. It's everywhere!!

I know my company has a proper guideline on what to say online. If it doesn't go into direct detail to reveal anything it's ok!

Example: if I have a presentation and I want to talk about it I can. Just don't mention what was the presentation about and that it doesn't divulge companies confidential info.

So these company have to keep up with the program.

Dinner was grilled grassfed sirloin steak with stir fry asparagus.

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