Need to review my coffee drinking habits.

Having acidy feeling in upper tummy. And wide eyes as hell!!!

*goes off to google on whether coffee induces bloated and cramping*

Good morning.

Breakfast today is baked eggs n bacon cup, smoked salmon and avocado.

Just had black coffee, no sugar no milk. I have to have self preservation not to drink another mug for the whole day.

Dear lord, please gip me strength to resist caffeine. Heh.

Helping the maid with house chores today. #stalkermomseries

This morning persuasive conversation with Isaac went like this.
I: want to follow mummy. Go out. Follow mummy. Want to follow.
Me: how to follow, mummy needs to go work.

I: *ngarr* want to follow, wan to go out go work. Follow mummy. Mummy came back ( means don't go but be at home)

Me: no, mummy not staying home, mummy going work.

I: come back come back!!!!

First time he has ask to follow me to work.

1 week of me staying home

Wrecked his routine. He wants his milk buffet to be at home with him and he also wants me to take him out for a walk.

Ah well, they do grow and do become more aware of things.

If only he can grow out of his night nursing and sleep through the night. *wishful thinking*


Brought steak to work! And steam broccoli.


Stalked Isaac just now, he was singing "treasure-Bruno Mars" by himself then suddenly exclaim

"Ooohhhh!!! Yaya (the maid) pocket!!" N pointing at her pocket.

Wtf. Like never see pocket before.

Burst out laughing in the office.

Can't wait to go home and see my Isaac. Only because today he wants to follow me to work! 😍😍

My #portioncontrol dinner of white lemon fish, stir fry mushrooms and jicama fries. 😋😋😋.

Over and out. Night night 😴😴😴

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