Good morning.

Breakfast of baked egg, and carrot zucchini quiche.

I think it's the last of it!! Eat whole week sien already!

Made this at work today.

So cute. And so ngam it's cancer/crab isaacs astrology sign.

Office had a wellness week and invited a ballon sculpture artist to teach us how to make a crab!!

So fun and tedious at the same time. It's not easy. This crab was the easy version!!

Playing with his train set whilst waiting for the maid to cook his lunch.


Then ignoring her when she's done and asked him to come to eat. *typical rebellious teenager*


Just white lemon fish. 1.5pcs. Sure gonna look for more rubbish to eat later haha.

Helping the maid to decide what to cook for his dinner. #kaypoh


Isaac I think was happy to see the crab.

When I asked him what it was, he said its a LOBSTER!!!

Well close enough!! Hehe.

FYI I took it back by bus!!! Haha ok I stuffed it in those black garbage disposal plastic bags so it won't be so obvious.

Dinner tonight.

Striploin steak and zucchini noodles and cherry tomatoes.

Over and out!!!

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