Woke up early today to go for my personal trainer session today!

Hermmm so first time I fell and sprained ankle, this round he didn't show up.

Am I unlucky or what.

3 strikes and I'm gonna change trainer, request for extension and change location to novena instead of this branch.

Plus my ankle today feels tight and there is a "pull" to it. Ouch.

Nah proof. Tsk tsk. Scheduled for today.

Heading home now to get ready for a congress. Pushed my pt session in the morning so I can attend this pharmacy congress going on.

Nvm. I'll head home, shower and eat my breakfast.

Sick ppl food.

Simple broth with roasted/grilled chicken thighs.

Not sure y I had mild food poisoning. I think breakfast might have been the culprit.

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