Good morning, it's breakfast time.

Fried egg, bacon and romaine lettuce.

Back to work work work!!!

Had a mini meet up with my uni mates as they attended the congress last Saturday. Didn't expect to see them. One came from Malaysia the other I thought still was on maternity leave.

So strange all of us are mothers now.

Us IMU gang.

Look at Isaac giving a pose. Haha.

It was a short but good catch up with my batch mates. Haven't seen them in ages. Close to a good 6 years? All before marriage and kids.


Looks happy at the moment.

Before we left this morning, he was asking to follow us to work.

Obviously cried when we said we can't bring him.

The father said "sorry Isaac, we got no choice, you have to stay at home while we go work." Father more sad than mother. Haha.

Lunch today.

Tin salmon, open can and throw in cherry tomatoes, olive oil.


Oh this is so cute.

Helping maid fold clothes!! Ahaha


I'm gonna give a list of chores for Isaac to the maid so Isaac does them.

Oh this shot clearer of him folding (more like playing) his clothes.


Dinner tonight

Rump steak with pepper and onions eaten with steam broccoli.

Over and out😴😴😴😴

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