Took Isaac to the pead today.

Still retching and this morning loose stools.

Pead gave this hydralyte which is a ice block hydration solution.

Freeze it and it becomes a Popsicle.

Comes in orange and apple black currant flavour.

1 stick per hour.

None of my pharmacist friends has seen it before. I'll ask them to bring it in to Malaysia. Maybe can get cheaper price. Lols

However he still ok. Still asking for food. This morning was so impatient to eat his oats.

Then after seeing the pead he ask for more oats n mee sua.

Came back n the maid has cooked some pasta. When he heard got pasta he rush to his high chair cos he wants to eat!! Haha.

Of course I didn't let him eat his full portion incase the pukes again. Appetite is there just hopes he can keep it in!!

Ok back to boring , back to routine!

Cashew nut base blueberry waffles for breakfast!

(Told you I was boring)

Followed by lunch.

Lunch of pork meatballs with grated carrots n celery. Better this way, not to dry.

Eaten with simple salad.

Isaac did a big diarrhea at 2pm just now.

Fed him half the orange Popsicle. He kinda like it. He says orange cold cold!!

Then vomited a little shortly after at 2.50pm.

Lucky the pasta didn't come up. Just a little of the Popsicle rehydration fluid.

Looks like he's ok with the Popsicle. This time it's apple black currant.

Tasted it, it's abit salty (duh, it's rehydrating solution after all)

Excuse Isaac's derp face haha.

Lost 1kg. Now down to 11.7kg from 12.7kg

Aiyoo poor Isaac.

Diarrhea again at 5pm. Then puke also his dinner.

Only want boobies now.


#portioncontrol dinner.

Beef and mixed vege stir fry.

Nothing much to see here. Move along… πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“

After Isaacs puking n diarrhea session, I actually took him out for a walk.

Surprisingly he still got energy. He rode/paddles his bicycle all the way to see Mei Mei and jie jie. N called them out loudly to play.

Isaac came on his humble bike and Mei Mei came out with her VW beetle car.

Paiseh 😳😳

Can imagine next time when Isaac wants to take a girl out. He only has his bare nessecity whilst the girl is πŸ’΄πŸ’΅πŸ’·πŸ’ΆπŸ’°πŸ’³

Nvm, Isaac has heart of gold. Like father like son. Shallow pockets, deep hearts.


Mei Mei was nice enough to let him play with her car for a bit. Could tell he love it but didn't force and demand to play with it for long. Docile like that this Isaac.

Dammit, now mummies turn to have tummy upset.

Oh good night world. 😴😴😴

Over and out.

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