Blood drawing for Isaac’s allergist review

Breakfast of egg, bacon and lettuce.

Took Isaac to the hospital lab this morning.

Not because of his puking and diarrhea, but for his impending allergist review.

After I took this pic Isaac said to me;

"Aunty press, pain. Aunty put plaster"

😱😱😱😱this 27 month old boy can narrate back to me what happen when the phlebotomist drew his blood.

Surpise me everyday.

This round they took his blood quite differently.

First she tourniquet his arms. Then she alcohol swab his upper side of his hands.

At this point, he was still watching and looking at her wondering what she's doing to his hands. She took out the needle n was looking for his veins,

He was still watching her.

Finally, she poked him and then he realized what was going on.

She didn't draw his blood, but let it drip out drop by drop into the test tube.

At this point he was crying all the way with tears dripping. But he didn't struggle. I didn't even have to hold him tightly. Just gently wipe his tears away and said it's ok, just taking his blood.

Got to get him used to it man, his gonna do this very frequently.

I think quite good already la he just sit on my thighs n

Just let the phlebotomist press his hands n drips his blood out drop by drop.

I bluff him sumore. Say there, aunty give you sticker, say thank you!!

Lols. Poke him, press him then ask him to say thank you.

Well, I won't miss an opportunity to teach him manners la. Heehee.

Most cruel mother award goes to me!

Happily showing the maid his "sticker"

Left for work at 9.00am after that.


Lamb, avo ziki sauce and lettuce, cucumber & cherry tomato topping

Bite into it!

Ommnyomm nyom.

Oh shit! Literally.

Omg it's my turn now!!

About 3.30pm my tummy suddenly hurts so much.

Ran to toilet to try and puke. Nothing came out. Had the most horrible churning tummy ever.

Gush out high pressure watery diarrhea ever!!


Oh my god. I wanna die.

On the bus, dayreing and clutching my tummy.

Faster la bus. Reach home soon.

Need to crawl back n take my charcoal, buscopan and maxalon.


Back home!

Deposited what I need to in the loo

Came out and told Isaac that mummy stomach ache!!!

He then told me;
I: Isaac stomach ache no more.

Very good. On both accounts of no more stomach ache and For TELLING me you have no more tummy ache.

So happy ah!!

Dinner looked and smelled amazing. Steam cod fish topped with fried garlic and onions.

But my tummy was still churning and I only had a few bites.

Going to crash now.


Good night.

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