We got visited by the vomiting and diarrhea fairy last night.

At about 1am I heard Isaac retching. Woke up to check and true enough bed was covered in vomit!! Poor guy!

Scrambled to wipe him and clear the bed.

And suddenly the daddy @serhonp started shivering very very badly. He is also down with a bad tummy. Daddy went to puke too as his nausea was quite bad.

Serhon came back to bed shivering and asked if he can sleep by my side because it was sooo cold.

It was vomit on bed, Isaac, me and serhon.

All squished on 1 side.

Literally was kiap like a sandwich.

Not to mention I had my own tummy trouble.

Reporting 3 bowel movements in the hour before I left for work.

Cannot tahan already

Posted some reports to the authority which is due. Submitted it and told my boss I'm chowing. Cannot tahan. Waiting for bus to go home.

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