31st Birthday recap

Came back to Singapore last night and suddenly the @serhonp husband pulled out an ice cream cake.

Surprise! And happy birthday.

Ahha I was surprised. He got the maid to buy the cake from Udders n store it in the freezer whilst we were away in KL

Then we made isaac sing happy birthday to me. Hehe

Continuation of song.

Notice what isaac say about "fire" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Excuse the no sleep face.

Then @serhonp took me to a neighbourhood japanese restaurant for dinner.

This mini set is huge! Worth the money.

Salmon carpaccio, fresh sashimi, tempura prawns, soft shell crab and brinjal, grilled meats n sweet potato, aburi sushi and salmon miso soup with loads of mushroom n vegetables inside.

What a wet morning!!

Whipped out my super old melissa shoes. It's gotten more tight. My toes are dying but at least my feet are relatively dry. Hehe.

Mandatory tired face post with my 2014 cake!

Aiyo sequence of post all jumbled up. Nvm la!


Suddenly the Christmas tree is up and I see isaac crawling slowly towards it.

Like crawling to Jerusalem and asking to be saved. (Might be saying wrong things here but my theology is nonexistent)


Sesame chicken and simple salad.


6 hours later, Christmas tree is nowhere to be seen.

Isaac blissfully playing with his toy car.

Today's yield in office.

After nearly 29 months of breastfeeding. 2oz of liquid gold.

#goodenough #gotmilk

Dinner today. Broiled salmon with olive, cherry tomatoes and capers.

French beans sautΓ©ed topped with olives and capers.

Ahhh… Our sad Christmas tree is up thanks to the maid.

2 presents under the tree which happens to be isaacs gift from grandma @maryannsee and ahyi @ashleysmq

Feels abit more festive now.

Happy birthday to me!!

Since I will be heading back to Singapore today and will not be celebrating this year, I'll do a #throwback #30thbirthday post

It was my "golden" birthday where I was 30 on the 30th!!

Apparently it was a surprise birthday party which wasn't really a surprise.

The hubs @serhonp organized an afternoon tea at Carcosa seri negara and invited all my close friends who were in KL.

A top shot of my birthday cake and cupcakes in Chanel theme.

Blowing my cake with isaac.

He looks so cute then!

Family shot #throwback

More cake blowing because for the life of me I can't find more pics

Posing with what's left of the cake.

It was really yummy. Made by my high school mate sister Syazrin.

Hub especially asked for soy cream because I couldn't take dairy. The only cake I enjoyed that year.

She is super talented right????

Anyone wants her contact I can give it to you!! Reasonable priced too.

Then had coffee at night with the family.

Isaac looks super cute then!!!

Ok end of my #throwback #30thbirthday.

Now looking forward to being 31 and wiser!

Us on the bus. #birthdayselfie #nomakeup

Looking just a bit tired.

Poor guy was whimpering all night long. Hasn't pooped in 2 days too. Must be very tired from all the traveling.

We are going to eat bakuteh. Hope you cheer up soon.

Well he didn't take one bite of his favorite Bakuteh.

Went back to my moms place, he asked to play bubbles and was abit more lively.

Gave paracetamol and fever came down a little.

Then accepted persimmons and corn. Finally ate something for the whole day.

Having tea now at …..
@cikumuffin take a wild guess.

My cold drip coffee came in a beaker. *correction by @calistallicious its a volumetric flask*

Like chemistry class. But surprisingly it's the most smooth coffee I've tasted.

Love it.

6.55pm and isaac is asleep

Went to bedroom at 6.50pm. He latch on for a bit, close eyes and knocked off.

I'm so glad I am continuing to Breast feed. It's really easy to comfort him with them boobies. Hasn't eaten the whole day or drank water.

No appetite? Here have some boob.

Puke, diarrhea whole day? Here, have some boob to rehydrate.

Fell down and can't stop crying? Here have some boob!!

Bored out of your mind? Here have some boob!

Long journey on bus and can't sleep? Here have some boob!

Always the answer.

Rainy day take away. Tandoori chicken!!!! Super juicy

Actually, everyone went out for dinner but I stayed back to keep an eye on Isaac.

Onion naan.


Love it.

Husband decided to treat me for pre birthday.

Jamaican mocha almond fudge and chocolate cookie crackle.

Wooo where are we going??

Road trip to seremban.

Going down to see grandma!!

This boy pretend cute!!

Eat lo shi fun mouth so dirty.

Trying to get away with it.

Please la dad @serhonp stop stealing my thunder!

#dirtymouth #blacksauce

Erghhh dad is milking it!

Better learn from the best

Is it like this??? Practice makes perfect!!

Pout pout, work it.


So cute please. Dad move aside.

Act nonchalant for maximum effect.


Wah. This isaac has been napping for 3 hours from 2.30-5.30pm.

Just now refuse to sleep keep talking and singing.

Now don't wanna get up.


See la. Disturb him still don't wanna wake up.

Must be tired from all the pouting during lunch.

Isaac is a bit under the weather after his nap.

Maybe that's y he slept so long. Feverish now and running nose. His hands all cold cold. So wore a sweater for him.

Then just before sleeping he told me he stomach ache!! And then gave us the weak look with eyes rolling.

OMG so scary. Hope is he ok tomorrow.

Half way through my breakfast on desk then remembered to take pic.

Leftover steak n salad.

So cute see them playing play doh together.

Heard isaac going "tadaaa!" Must have made something n got proud of it.


I just love watching them together whilst I'm at work.

One last stalk.

Isaac said to the dad "help me, help me"
To squeeze the Playdoh out the mould.

Had a quick dinner of avocado, mushrooms and sesame chicken.

Rushed to board the bus at 7pm.

We are going to Kl for the weekend.

Good morning. Breakfast today of smoked salmon, egg and romaine lettuce.

what happen to the medical head?

I'm sure it is on every of my team mates mind. Was it because of our very direct and to the point 360 feedback??

Almost everyone gave a low to average rating with comments of her taking credit for her teams effort and being biased and unfair.

Well going to find out soon!

We still don't know why she was fired @delight @cikumuffin

But she left in the similar manner in her previous company!!

Basically she was fired la

@jennylau so happening. Last min had to take over her slot in a conference. So it's not she resign. She was let go. Dum dum dum!!

I'm very shocked la. First time come across situation like this.

Dinner tonight.

Orange seared Asian style scallops with mix raw salad.

Husband brought out Isaac for a walk and ask him to work for his biscuits.

Woke up to so many nice comments on "money no enough"

I guess a lot of us feel the same way.

Reminder that we all do what we can.

That's y I love the dayre community. So supportive! 😍

Busy day today.

Manage to check dayre now only whilst pumping.

Let this session pump to be a fruitful and abundant extraction.

#30mls or more please.


As a thanksgiving to my team mates, I brought lunch for them today.

On the right is my GM. She came out from her room cos apparently food smelled good. Gave her some. Hope she likes it.

Yum yum everyone digging in

From left to right:

Shrimp pad Thai. Comments were the prawns very big n QQ. I say big n qq prawns to eat, then only shiok ma.

Cocoa pork ribs. General comments was that it was nicer than the cold storage ribs. Lols. Posted the recipe for this too previously

Rosemary lemon roast chicken. Crowd pleaser. I like to eat this too. Easy to make n very tasty.

OMG!!! My medical director resigned with effect suddenly.

I wonder what happen!!!

I guess karma came and right the wrong things.

Dinner tonight. A simple grilled grass fed rib eye steak and stream broccoli.

Steak light seasoned with salt and pepper n straight away goes on the grill to sizzle.

@shalinho practicing his cheesy songs in preparation for the season holidays to impress Sophie.

@delight Nate's got to catch up real soon if he wants a fighting chance with her!!

@jennyyong can join you for a karaoke session for the holiday cheer!!!

Money no enough.

I am so going to die after eating this.

@cikumuffin all your fault for always making awesome Mac & cheese.


I didn't die. But…


I felt so guilty I couldn't finish half of it. I got so paranoid eating it and I knew I'm gonna suffer the repercussions later that 1/4 into it I stopped.

So much for throwing caution to the wind. Because I just can't. My body will tell me.

Drowning myself in beriyani sorrow.

Reality of not owning your own place after saving for 3 years is very depressing.

After viewing the last place, I just had no mood anymore.

We are short of money for downpayment and the calculation is, we need to save another 1 year.

No point counter offering the agent and all.

Back to sq 1, back to wasting money renting.

It sucks.

No quality of life, no nothing.

I've told the husband if living here means not having your own place and living pay check to pay check, I would rather go home to Malaysia.

It's very difficult to live a comfortable life here.

Bleakness of my thoughts spiraling out of control.

The gluten from Mac & cheese does not help. It literally poisons my mind making me very very moody. Not only do I have to contend with the mind-fuck, my tummy is also turned inside out.

I dunno y I keep doing this to myself but having low mood leads to bad decision in food which leads to bad decision in life.

I had a though to let me just end it now la. It's so bleak. What's the point in living like this. It's so stupid and meaningless

Saving grace

I'm glad I have Isaac. He actually made me laugh throughout the whole day.

Just now at dinner we were sitting at a place where there is a mirror. Isaac kept looking at himself and he was laughing to his reflection. Then he look at me suspiciously and said "copy cat" and laughed. He knew that his reflection was "copying" him and he was making funny faces and letting me know it was copying him.

Then after that we went somewhere for deserts. He pointed to a black colour drink and said

"I want coffee. I want this coffee please."

Then I said coffee is bitter.

N he kept pointing to the black drink and said "I want coffee. I want the bitter coffee please?"

Ahaha so cute la. I kept laughing from then.

I'm soooo glad that he's around.

If not I'll just continue sulking and pulling myself deeper into deep shit thinking.

Lifestyle changes.

I have already made a lot of lifestyle changes to save to the level where we are.

Nearly 30% of my pay goes into saving 4 down payment of my house. Nearly10% to my mom. 10% pay for maid and her levy, 20% to my commitments back in Malaysia of insurance etc. Another 20% goes to my own saving bcos before I turn PR I had no backup saving for myself.

That means I only have another 10% for my daily food & miscellaneous spending including shopping for myself.

I don't have enough even for holiday

2012 absolutely no holiday.

2013 also no holiday.

2014 nearly went mad n force @serhonp to plan for nearby trip so phuket happen.

Next year I don't think got holiday.

How can u say that I need to live within my means. And say that "everything also want"

I haven't bought anything frivolous for myself that cost a big chunk of money!!!


Fed up la.

I wanna cry.

@cleochong @shalinho @growingwiththetans

Thank you ladies for your word of encouragement.

I think I was just very frustrated and felt abit demotivated.

Need to look at the bigger picture. Isaacs education and also health.

Big hugs and love. 😘😘😘

Also thanks to @serhonp for being very patient with me. Also trying to help me get out of the funk I gotten myself into. Lup u long tyme!

Pre-Nursery Orientation day

Breakfast today. Baked chicken thighs wrap in bacon n romaine leaves.

Super moody boy today.

On the day he was suppose to wake up and go to school, he refuse to open his eyes and kept rolling in bed.

Refuse to eat his breakfast of oats too!!

Cried n threw tantrum the whole time we got ready to go school.

What luck!! He is placed in Joy classroom which is actually his name sake!! Isaac means joy that's y I chose his name.

Hehe. Bought 2 sets of uniform and 2 sets of PJ.

Had a mini orientation.

Most important was letting the teacher knows of his allergy.

Saw the food menu and he is unable to eat most of the food served at the school. So the maid has to cook his meal everyday. 😳😳😳

Getting him used to school by letting him play with all the slides and swings etc.

Smallest in the class.

So skinny!!! Also very timid vs the other boys there.

All the boys saw car n rush n play. He just stood behind and ask me whether he can play with it.

Dinner was leftover lamb chop, persimmon salad and piece of braised Fatty pork tarpaued from imperial treasure Peking duck from dinner on Thursday

Had lunch with my ex colleague and met up properly with her daughter!! So cute ah and smiley and chatty.

Kidnapped her. Totally forgot about my son. 😻😻😻

Baked eggs again!

Good morning. Though I could sleep in but a little human keep insisting to go outside

Looks like this when taken out from the holder.

Bacon wrapping the egg. Yummeh


No choice but to eat oats. See the reluctant face

Wow what a busy day!!

Just finish a pt session with a new trainer.

I'm so tired!!!

But tomorrow another appointment pack day!


Lamb chops, jicama fries and simple spinach salad.

@chatoyant bangkuang as pictured πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

@cleochong one time I wore it like this πŸ‘†

Another time with leggings I look ugly dun wanna show u haha

Booty Shaking Video.

Good morning!

Pumpkin pancakes (no flour) and smoked salmon.

BeyoncΓ©, let's make some noise

@kianga need dancing lessons from you!

The father @serhonp sent me this video. Haha.

@jennyyong can see some booty shaking above videoπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Stalked them just now and saw Isaac shaking booty with Elmo (he is hugging and jumping with the toy), face timing with ah ma (on the iPad) and bonding with father.

Productive day for a 2 yo!

Aiyo!!! Day 2 of abysmal performance from miss left and miss right. #nomoremilk #dryingout

Since my mind is floating, here is a video of him 1 year ago.

Still grooving but not so polished.

Lunch today.

Leftover lamb kebab with avocado spinach salad


Busy day today. Just got home at 9.00pm. Entertained colleagues from Global HQ who r going to give a talk to our regulators.

@calistallicious proof that once he can stand up on his own he will shake beckside

Here he is about 13 months old.

@shalinho Sophie accepts or not??

@delight get Nate to sing too. Haha

Greek-style lamb kebab

Good morning me baked eggs!


Oh my goodness!! Leaving a trail of destruction everywhere. Running and screaming just because!!

Terrible. I can hear him shouting over the cctv.

Aiyo I dunno y my mid morning pump yield so little????

Dehydrated ah? Tired ah? Period coming ah?? Maybe pregnant ah? Hope not!

Cos I need to travel!!!! Until June!!

Snacking on beef jerky. So soft n yummy. Mil brought from Taiwan.

Simple baked chicken thighs, roasted italian style bell peppers and stuffings for the bell peppers.


It's 8.45pm. He just had 2oz of my express milk.

Now eating his most favourite thing in the whole wide world (white bread) and singing to Bruno Mars Treasure.

Life is awesome for a 2 year old toddler!

Tonight dinner was grilled lamb skewers with grilled veg with raw spinach.

We went to view a 2nd place today. It was old but had a lot of potential.

The first place was new, bright but feels smaller than its claimed 1000sqft.

Ah the third time will be a charm huh? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


500gm lamb stew meat, cubed
1 bell pepper, cut into 1-inch
2 zucchini, cut into 1-inch
1 red onion, cut into 1-inch
Juice of 2 lemons/lime

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

Heat your grill.

Arrange cubes of lamb alternating with bell peppers, zucchini and onions (or other veg of ur choice) on the skewers

In small mixing bowl, combine lemon juice with oregano, salt n pepper. Brush the citrus mixture over the skewers

Marinate for 10 minutes.

Place skewers on the grill and cook for approx 3-4 mins preside or done till your liking. I like it medium raw so 3mins per side sometimes less.

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil just before serving!

@kianga now go and make them!

I think if no grill can broil in oven??

I grill them on my grill pan on top of the stove.

Bought some Xmas cards and wrote it to all my friends.

Ok only 2 so far cos I've only got their address. 😝😝

Isaac is 28 months 2 weeks

Good morning!!

Breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and liu sha bau. Salted egg goodness from Royal China.

My breakfast companion.

Eating, yup you guessed it, white bread and white bread only. Nothing accompanying the bread.

Waving bye bye to us as we head off to work.

Well, as I head off to work and the father heads to the gym.

2 hands wave!!

Luckily, last nights cough wasn't so bad. He didn't get up much.


Early lunch for the Little big boy.

Nah nothing much happening. @serhonp is at home to entertain him.

OMG bread addict.

Husband sent me this early today.

Oh gosh.

Dinner of crab tart and truffle fries in PS cafe.

The crab tart became too jelak after a while. Couldn't really finish it.

Nice catch up with frens from high school times. We've been friends half our lifetime!

Received a Xmas card from my friend in LA.

Friend since 11 years old. 20 years and she still thinks of me and sends me a card just for a simple greeting.

So sweet.

Gonna post 1 back to her!

Baked dairy oral challenge Day 3 – passed with flying colours

Took half day emergency child care leave because the whole night Isaac was coughing his lungs out.

So did mummy.

And both of us didn't get a good night sleep. The one suffering is me. Isaac at 7.30am sprang out the bed and went out to eat breakfast and play with his daddy.

Also for the past few days I've been eating like everybody else and my body is shutting down.

Gluten is clouding my brain. I can't think straight and I'm tired all the time. And in a blur dreamy state. Tummy bloat too

I want bread!

Now everything wants to eat is bread bread bread only.

Don't wan to eat his oats. Requested only for bread. And gave him bread his face light up like it was Christmas!!

I'm so happy to be eating home cooked food again.

Ok la. Half home cooked. The noodles is leftover from Royal China one. It's dam good but I know my tummy will pay for it for a few days.

Baked stuffed Italian bell peppers and zucchini noodles to accompany the duck noodles.

Just had a thought.

What if Isaacs tolerance was just a false negative because he is on Zyrtec for his running nose.

Therefore he is not reacting to the bread cos the anti histamines is working.

Wash out period for anti histamines is 7 days. And I have to continue giving Zyrtec for 2 weeks.

Started Zyrtec on 15 November and to end it on 29 November. Wash out period of another 7 days which means I can only truly confirm he is ok with bread on 6 November.

Aiyo have to wait till mid next month to try CAKE.

Baked Dairy Oral Challenge Day 2

Good morning. Having leftover lui sha bao from royal china.

Still gooey

At 7.45am, @serhonp got impatient and gave him 3cm x 3cm of Sunshine brand white bread. Isaac tolerated it well.

He requested for some more bread, screaming for it. So serhon cave and gave 4cm x 4cm more of the bread shortly.

Until 10.00am, he was ok. No skin flare etc

Then he saw me eating the liu sa bao

Ran and took his bread and insisted I gave him some more bread.

"I want to eat bread!"

So ok la. He looked ok. I tore off 2.5cm x 2.5cm.

He quickly stuffed into his mouth and ask for sumore.

Pretended didn't hear him.

The husbands salmon matcha pesto.

Yums! I love the salmon arranged as flower!

My egg tomato relish.

Looks yum!

And a LARGE LATTE!!! Muaahahhaha. Just cos I've not had a good latte in 2 years

Look everybody. See what I'm having for snack after my noon nap!

Oohh. Shiok face

Mummy, I think it's safe to say, I can eat bread.


Aiyo he keeps asking for bread.

This is so….odd. Haha.

Gave in anyway.

Baked Dairy oral challenge Day 1 – success!

Yesterday's birthday girl with a very happy Isaac.

As if it's his bday. Har har.

Of course he had to blow candle.

We otw for her birthday lunch with the extended family who is in Singapore.

My little big boy is taking a nap now from all the excitement.

I still smell his feet all the time and fake chew on it.

*take a long hard snifffff*

Just fed Isaac with two 1cm x 1cm white bread!!

At 2.55pm. Wait for 6 hours to see if got any reaction or not.

So 8.55pm no reaction tomorrow we give 2cm x 2cm and abit more.

Isaac keeps asking for more bread now. Cham loooo.

Note: Sunshine brand white bread has got milk solids inside.


Good article to read for fatties like me.

For one, I'm gonna make my plate and leave the rest in the kitchen.

Dinner tonight.

Take away from royal china

Braised Ee fu noodles with duck meat from the Peking duck we ordered.

And a side of their XO-chilli carrot cake. Yums.

Yeay!!! (Or nayyy!!)

Isaac can open doors by himself now.

Big boy lo.

Tomorrow we will see what we like and the price will be right, we are GOING TO GET IT!

Oh oh oh and OMG!!

It's past 8.55 pm now and bread of 1cm x 1cm (2 pieces) of that passed the test!!

Wohoo. Tomorrow try 2cm x 2cm.

Breakfast today at 10.15am is black coffee, bolognase sauce, home made turkey sausage and an egg.

I feel so shacked. Whole body aching. Isaac woke at 6am with pee soaked pants. And demanded to go outside and play.

Tadaaaaa!!! I made the raisins appear!!

Poor boy woke up because he has the flu!!!

Clear liquid streaming down his nose. Must have picked it up from the kids who was sick at the clinic.

For when im sick, I just want to carbo loaddddd

To clear blockage from nose, use this.

@jennylau maybe this will help

Mil bday so went for affordable fine dining.

My duck something something can't remember what.

Walked along Fullerton bay to take pic of the vomiting Merlion.

And proceeded to Clifford pier for Kopi-O ice cream.

So good!

Food Allergy Management

Breakfast today is turkey sausages and avocado.

Everyone knows what the "bad" outcome of the review yesterday, so now let's talk about the good stuff

How to manage the older food allergy, what to do to sensitize him to the old allergy and what can we do about the newly confirmed allergy.

Lunch time multitasking as its best.

Person least affected by his allergy is the sufferer himself.

Kids are very strong. Should Take a leaf from their outlook in live.


Went to see a doctor (a real one! Not the one at home) because I cannot TAHAN my cough anymore.

And I cannot tahan lausaing from the augmentin even though I've finished my antibiotic course.

Wow so lucky.

She gave me 2 days mc and some powerful shit cough mixture

Management of Isaacs Allergy

Easy way out is total avoidance of trigger food. + house dust mites

But caveat.

Total avoidance means the body is not sensitized to the allergen and it will not recognize the allergen hence the body will forever be attacking it.

Next course for action for Isaac is slow and small introduction of the allergen.

So, as recommended by our allergist, he says we should start introducing baked milk and egg products as a start of "oral rechallenge"

It's abit like guess work now. If we give and there is no reaction on first day, then hoorah!! He might not have a symptomic reaction.

Disclaimer: he only recommended this because his egg and milk igE level is in a positive but manageable level. It's still a "either" yes or no reaction. We have to introduce the allergen to know for sure.

For sure….


If any of you had the experience of seeing your child having an anaphylaxis reaction, you will understand y we are reluctant to start giving him the allergen.

Allergist did recommend to introduced baked goods since last review in November 2013 but we did not due to a fear of him collapsing and ending up in the ER again!

So I guess it's high time we did now since we are confident that the level will not give an anaphylatic rxn.

If any, it will only be swelling of mouth, skin flare, etc.


This weekend we will start by giving plain white bread.

The amount of 1cm x 1cm.

If nothing happens, then Sunday it will be 2cm x 2cm.

Nothing happens, then Monday morning 3cm x 3cm.

How @serhonp ?? Good plan?

We need to be there to observe and early in the day just in case if anything do happen, we've got time to go to get help!

If we pass the bread test, then we will move on to cakes!!

Cakes have eggs and milk products for sure.

Maybe 2 weeks after. Around mid December??

I think I might take child care leave to do the oral rechallenge la. Be at home and observe.

All this will address the egg and cow milk allergy.

Next allergy to be assessed is peanuts.

Peanuts & Cashew Nut

Peanuts (and cashew) are a different ball game all together!!!

Everyone has heard of a peanut allergy sufferer dying due to accidental exposure.

Our allergist say "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME"

Oral rechallenge will have to be done in the hospital under specialist supervision and equipment for life system support (sound so dramatic)

We've never had accidental exposure to peanut before, so we don't know the extent on how Isaac will react to peanut. Trouble is, the appointment for oral rechallenge

Is next year october. So longggg. I would sooner have it known how the reaction will be but

Bo pian Lo…. No choice 😫😫😫

I won't ever try to give him peanuts (& cashew) at this point in his life.

Dinner today.

Baked chicken thighs seasoned with Italian seasoning

Sides of leftover sharkfin melon "spaghetti" Bolognese and zucchini noodle salad.

House Dust Mites

Now for something none food!!!

Environmental allergy!!

So lucky Isaac gets to have dust mites allergy too.

So the management is of course total avoidance of dust mites. Re-exposure will not do him any good.

How to manage this?

1) wash all pillowcase bedsheet etc in 60 degree hot water to kill them dust mites
2) get dust mite prevention fabric with very small sized pores for the cloth
3) no soft toy for him
4) buy HEPA filter air purifier
5) buy vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter

Ok a lot more but I can't remember liow unless go and read back the informercial the dr gave us.

Needless to say, @serhonp bonus will go to buying all this equipment. I guess we won't have a house with plush carpets and thick draperies.

His room definitely just blinds and closed shelves.

I guess dust mites allergy is pretty common and a dust free home will stave off the symptom. For this newly discovered allergy, I am okay with it.

Kinda expecting it also la.

Anyone wants soft toys??

Other matters

From now on we need to be on the lookout for him to see if he develops asthma or allergic rhinitis.

Allergist did ask us if isaac is exhibiting any symptom of runny nose, sneezing of more than 10 times in the morning to clear the snot, waking up from sleep due to difficulty breathing. Also runny nose that last a few days in a week. All this points to sign of developing allergic rhinitis

So far so good as he doesn't show all the symptoms above yet.

As for asthma, the allergist did say that based on his experience, kids in Singapore with food allergy tend to develop more allergic rhinitis vs asthma.

However, it's the other way round for kids in UK. They will definitely develop asthma and not allergic rhinitis.

Migration theory at play here again.

So woo pie!!! We get allergic rhinitis which in my opinion is much more manageable than asthma.

But don't get any would be super awesome also la. Just hope and pray he won't develop it!

Ok. Guess this concludes on our experiences in food allergy & environmental allergy management

Going to take 1 day at a time for him.

I do hope he will grow out of this sooner rather than later.

Ok I wish he will grow out of this cow milk, egg and nut allergy. Dust mite allergy I can accept.

So please God and the universe. Give us some mercy, can?

If not now, maybe in a few years time? Pretty please!!!!!

Allergist Review Day

Standard breakfast.

Eggs, bacon & avocado

Will be heading to KKH for his yearly allergist review.

Before seeing the doctor, he will have to do a skin prick test first.

This round to reconfirm his current allergy with addition of house dust mites and tree-nut panel.

Please ahh god. No tree-nut allergy please. He is a good boy.

Bus, where are you???

Waiting for the shuttle bus to KKH

Manja after getting pricked at the back. Cry of course even after we psyched him up for this yesterday.

Sobs sobs.

Guess what.


New allergy confirmed.

To cashew nut


House dust mites.

Dinner today steam cod fish topped with fried shallots, garlic and spring onion.

Side of caulirice.

Felt dam sien today

So I picked me up with baskin Robbin pink Wednesday. Buy 1 free 1.

Because. I need it.

Breakfast again of Zucchini pancake and smoked salmon. No avocado today though 😜

Guess who was sitting next to me enjoying his baby newspaper whilst I was having breakfast.

He was waiting for his mantau to be steamed.

Concentrating real hard on the world news. Atrocious the price of fisher price toys nowadays!!

Back in his days….

Ahhhh. He sees his friends mentioned in the "papers"

He was so delighted for them.

The news is not so bad after all


My colleague just came back from japan and got us Tokyo banana. So cute.

Actually I don't know what's it called. Eat only.


Isaac is up to his old antics. Being naughty and climbing up the sofa.

Got excited when he heard a familiar song on the radio.

He quickly rushed near the radio to shake his booty


Dinner is broiled rosemary salmon and steam broccoli.

Today's breakfast of zucchini pancake, smoked salmon and avocado. They r getting bruised already. Faster finish them.

Woke up late and felt like I have the worst hang over ever.

Went to work, took my laptop and went home.


Bought some over the counter meds because none of the pharmacy had pharmacist in!!!

Where r they when u need them!!

Oh yes, sitting at home dayreing because the government don't recognize their degrees.

This is after I'm already on augmentin and flumacil and I'm just not getting any better!!

To make matters worse

I'm one of those who experience the GI side effects of augmentin.

Every single time I take the antibiotic I have to lausai!!

No tummy ache but just "bishhhh"

All come out!!

Bahahha. My husband came home and listened to my chest.

Then he said "nothing also"

Ok, luckily bought me difflam extra kau.

"Spaghetti" bolognese for dinner tonight.

Used sharkfin noodles as the "pasta".

Help!! My son keeps saying the bad word!!

And I don't know how to stop it.

He trips he says "oh fudge/fu*k"

He scoots and scooter bangs on the washing machine he goes "oh fudge/f*ck"

Sometimes it really sounds like "fu*k"

How ah?

Breakfast today is masala thosai.


So cute with his hoodie.

Went rummaging his clothes and he didn't even wear this hoodie and he has outgrown it.

Faster wear. Even just for dinner opposite our place.

Oh hi there!!!

Give me a high 5!!

Sulking model look

Look away handsomely

Smiley one!!!

So happy wearing my hoodie to dinner!!!

Is 7.20am on such a nice rainy cold morning to sleep in.

Yet this boy has spring up the bed n declared "mummy I wan to eat plum!" 😨😨😨

"Go outside, eat plum!"

So I had to grudgingly go outside n get him some fruits too.

No more plum, so apples would have to do. "No more plum" he said sadly πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Today's breakfast for Isaac is steamed mantau buns. Plain kind.

Eaten with a banana.

Standard issue breakfast.

Smoked salmon, fried egg and butterhead lettuce.

And black coffee.

Omg!!! Listen to what he says carefully when he bang the washing machine.


Ok la. Too clarify, he did not say f***

It's fudge. Like choco fudge. Because that's what the @serhonp dad say when he accidently drops or bang something.

But still.

Sounds so wrong on so many level!! 😭😭😭😭

So for saying a bad word, I punished him.

Do housework!!!! You missed a spot on your play pen mat!!
*tiger mom*

Lunch with husband today.

Smoked duck on polenta bed. With poached egg, bacon and mustard glaze.

It's yums

Only gripe here is there is not much space/seat so if it's full have to wait for a seat

Tea time at marmalade toast.

Lemon meringue sponge cake with ice black coffee.

Ok. I don't like the texture of sponge cake. I'm more a dense thick choco cake person.

Didn't manage to finish the cake even with hubby's help.

Manage to buy myself a crispy white shirt. Couldn't resist the fake leather skirt so I bought that as well.

Hehe. Shirt at $49.90. Ok la. Decently priced from Zara.

Saw a wintery top that I like but it's 109 bucks. My kiamsiap aunty mode kicked in and didn't buy it. Although has a nice asymmetrical cutting.

Ah wait for the sale la.

Breakfast of swirly crust less quiche and avocado

"Aiyooo big big one" said Isaac when he scooped a big spoonful of oats.

He really loves the Elmo bowls, cup and cutlery set I bought him.


After eating the big spoonful, his eyes and face turn red and he said "so hwat, so hwat!!"

Haha. Told him to take a smaller mouth next round. And he really scoop so carefully small spoonful the next round.

He reminds me of a little old man.

Rotten teeth

On another note, I discovered holes at the back of his 2 front teeth. Been trying to brush his teeth since day 1 and he refuses!!

But he is ok with me flossing for him.

Been trying to get a good shot of his teeth to show to our friend who is a dentist but it's nearly impossible.

See the brown brown black spots.


Definitely need some repair work, if not his baby teeth won't last till early primary. 😞😞😞😞

"Let it gooooo, let it gooooo"

Guess what, we don't watch Frozen because we have no tv at home.

But lookie here, who is singing the song and dancing to it. No other than Isaac!


Guess it must be a good song huh πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


Cumin spiced pork tenderloin and root vege!


Scooting pant less because

Who doesn't like a "free willy"

Heard him saying "fast fast stand up"


Very proud when the maid goes "Wowwww Isaac so fast"

He then gives a cheesy laugh. Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I think today's dinner quite glorious la. Hehe

Cross section of the balsamic braised beef

My #portioncontrol tonight.

Eaten with candied carrots and raw baby spinach.

I wanna go shopping tomorrow!

I need to get a crispy white shirt for a photoshoot this Tuesday.

It's for our team building for medical department and since we are all ladies, photoshoot it is. Plus we need to look professional for our organization chart.

I also need boots!!

Inspired by @chatoyant wearing boots to japan. Because I'm also heading there in early December for 5 days.

Attending a forum there. Will be staying in Roponggi area.

Anyone has got any food ideas and places to go there??

Oh yes. Back to boots. Something sexy yet walkable. Gonna try my luck at Aldo first.

My breakfast

My #leftoverlunch of pesto shrimp spaghetti

Caught Isaac this morning stealing his fathers fruit breakfast.

He is totally a fruit monster!!

Faster faster post all backlog today once dayre is up. Hehe.

Today's dinner is

Cumin spiced pork tenderloin with root vegetables.

I love the root veg as it's sweet. Roasted together with orange and pomegranate.

Good morning!!!

Pesto scrambled egg with 1 bacon (haha) and 1/2 an avocado. Excuse the bruised avo look. It was sitting overnight in the fridge.

Eating time!!

Let's dance and read a book and eat at the same time!!


Epitome of multitasking for a toddler.


Oh man… This spiced lamb stuffings smells so good after I microwaved it. All the jintan manis smell coming out.

Eaten with lettuce.

Breakfast today.

Swirly crust less quiche and avocado.

Usually we make a big batch of something that can be eaten over the course of 3-4 days. So less effort but plenty of food.

This morning when the alarm rang, guess who played with my phone n insist to off the alarm.

Whilst mummy was rolling rolling on the bed, also guess who was busy taking selfie of himself. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Hahah look at the stuffy eyes. Still not bright and open up fully yet.

One more la. Cos I think it's cute. Hehe πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

Music lessons starts at home.

I'm so going to send him to drama, music and art classes.


Notice the play doh cans at the right hand side?

He is a playdoh sniffer. Like a glue addict he will take the dough n put it up his nose n take a long hard sniff. Then squishes it and sniff again.

After playing with it, he will smell his hands again because the smell lingers when you touch it.

Aiyooo. Very nice smell meh?

Today had kuey chap lunch with my medical director and the rest of us girls in the department.

1/2 a duck and kuey chap 3 portions for all 6 of us. I'm still hungry!!

This was inconjunction with me being the biggest loser (of weight) in the office.

It's her tactic to fatten me up again!!

But I'm not complaining because it's a good and free meal. Haha.

The Playdoh sniffer addict is 28 months old today!!

Also means I've been breast feeding and pumping for 28 months too!!

Total yield whole day at office is 100mls on a good day.

Not bad ah. Like a gulp or two of fresh milk on tap. Hehe. πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ

Have you all seen some gorgeous apples lately??

Couldn't resist getting them at 4 @ $3.99.

So crunchy and red. Reminds me of apple from Snow White!

Hahaha my son you are so funny.


Totally dancing you ass and legs off to the songs on the radio.

Oh yes, throw your head back!!!

Swing your hips side to side and bend your knees up and down.

Not only is he dancing, he is actually signing along to the lyrics.

Dinner tonight.

#portioncontrol pesto shrimp "spaghetti"


Some ppl totally lose the plot when I'm talking about something else.

Just because I'm calling a spade a spade and you are not happy bout it, don't need to get all emotional.

I know he is your favorite but i will say it as I see it with my own eyes.

Plus, I'm seldom wrong in reading ppls character. πŸ‘Œ

Looks so skinny in this picture.

Taken at 28months to commemorate the day.

You look tall but your actually just 50th centile. Basically average la.

Put on more weight for the next few months ok???

Lausaing this and last week didn't help matters!!

My haul at 28months.

Not bad la.

Grain free porridge for breakfast today.

Made with shredded coconut and almond butter.


Isaac!!!! Are you playing with the electrical points????

Noooo I did not!!

Whilst his shirt is giving me the tongue πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

#leftoverlunch today.

Sesame onion ginger chicken with simple salad.

Toys toys everywhere!

Attempting to open the xylophone.


Successfully manage to open the xylophone and made sweet music from it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Colorful veg for dinner tonight.

Half of my portion.

It's Chinese 5-spice turkey lettuce cups.

Loving all the colorful veg and rolling it up like popiah, eating it with hands

Good morning!

Black coffee to go with swirly crust less quiche.


Get set



I love oats.

After he finished the oats he told me
"Mummy want some more oats, cook for you (he means mummy cook for him)"

Aiyooo. So lazy to cook another batch which I know he will take 2 mouth n won't wanna eat anymore.

Offered him banana. Hehe

Oh offered him grapes instead.

Yeaaaa. That's more like it.

Yes, I don't care… I'm gonna stuff as many as I can into my mouth at one go.

Stuffed 2 grapes at once. Terrible boy.

I went out to the gym for a work out and I spy daddy @serhonp putting Isaac to sleep.

Heheh πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š


2 lausai episode.

Actually, despite Isaac looking very cheery and with no appetite lost, he had 2 episodes of diarrhea.

Once when he woke up, whilst still in the bedroom playing with my things I was hugging him then I heard his tummy rumble and a "pffffbbbfftbbt" sound. I tot because he was hungry.

Turns out he high powered shat in his diapers and all leaked out. Smelled like dead rat too.

Poor boy still has tummy upset.

2nd round when after oats I was washing up he went "want to pom -pom".

I thought Wah so compliant, he knows after breakfast must shower.

Turns out he shat in his diapers again. Only found out when I took off his clothes to bath. Super watery too.

Don't think he is feeling 100% yet. No wonder so irritable before I left for gym.

Today's #leftoverlunch after gym

Lamb dolma stuffings, cauliflower cilantro rice and side of grass.

Went to Nara Thai for super early dinner.

Had green curry chicken pictured above.

Star of the show!!

Yellow curry soft shell crab!!

It's so yummy. The fragrance of the curry is very caramel like. You've got to order this when u go here if u r not allergic to crabs.

Really good!

We had it with Thai herb rice which I forgot to take pic of. It's blue in colour I think it's stain with pea flower.

Desert of small serving of mango sticky rice.

So so only la this one. Mango is nice n fresh though. Juicy