Good morning!

Black coffee to go with swirly crust less quiche.


Get set



I love oats.

After he finished the oats he told me
"Mummy want some more oats, cook for you (he means mummy cook for him)"

Aiyooo. So lazy to cook another batch which I know he will take 2 mouth n won't wanna eat anymore.

Offered him banana. Hehe

Oh offered him grapes instead.

Yeaaaa. That's more like it.

Yes, I don't care… I'm gonna stuff as many as I can into my mouth at one go.

Stuffed 2 grapes at once. Terrible boy.

I went out to the gym for a work out and I spy daddy @serhonp putting Isaac to sleep.

Heheh πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š


2 lausai episode.

Actually, despite Isaac looking very cheery and with no appetite lost, he had 2 episodes of diarrhea.

Once when he woke up, whilst still in the bedroom playing with my things I was hugging him then I heard his tummy rumble and a "pffffbbbfftbbt" sound. I tot because he was hungry.

Turns out he high powered shat in his diapers and all leaked out. Smelled like dead rat too.

Poor boy still has tummy upset.

2nd round when after oats I was washing up he went "want to pom -pom".

I thought Wah so compliant, he knows after breakfast must shower.

Turns out he shat in his diapers again. Only found out when I took off his clothes to bath. Super watery too.

Don't think he is feeling 100% yet. No wonder so irritable before I left for gym.

Today's #leftoverlunch after gym

Lamb dolma stuffings, cauliflower cilantro rice and side of grass.

Went to Nara Thai for super early dinner.

Had green curry chicken pictured above.

Star of the show!!

Yellow curry soft shell crab!!

It's so yummy. The fragrance of the curry is very caramel like. You've got to order this when u go here if u r not allergic to crabs.

Really good!

We had it with Thai herb rice which I forgot to take pic of. It's blue in colour I think it's stain with pea flower.

Desert of small serving of mango sticky rice.

So so only la this one. Mango is nice n fresh though. Juicy

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