Breakfast of swirly crust less quiche and avocado

"Aiyooo big big one" said Isaac when he scooped a big spoonful of oats.

He really loves the Elmo bowls, cup and cutlery set I bought him.


After eating the big spoonful, his eyes and face turn red and he said "so hwat, so hwat!!"

Haha. Told him to take a smaller mouth next round. And he really scoop so carefully small spoonful the next round.

He reminds me of a little old man.

Rotten teeth

On another note, I discovered holes at the back of his 2 front teeth. Been trying to brush his teeth since day 1 and he refuses!!

But he is ok with me flossing for him.

Been trying to get a good shot of his teeth to show to our friend who is a dentist but it's nearly impossible.

See the brown brown black spots.


Definitely need some repair work, if not his baby teeth won't last till early primary. 😞😞😞😞

"Let it gooooo, let it gooooo"

Guess what, we don't watch Frozen because we have no tv at home.

But lookie here, who is singing the song and dancing to it. No other than Isaac!


Guess it must be a good song huh 👀👀


Cumin spiced pork tenderloin and root vege!


Scooting pant less because

Who doesn't like a "free willy"

Heard him saying "fast fast stand up"


Very proud when the maid goes "Wowwww Isaac so fast"

He then gives a cheesy laugh. Haha 😂😂

I think today's dinner quite glorious la. Hehe

Cross section of the balsamic braised beef

My #portioncontrol tonight.

Eaten with candied carrots and raw baby spinach.

I wanna go shopping tomorrow!

I need to get a crispy white shirt for a photoshoot this Tuesday.

It's for our team building for medical department and since we are all ladies, photoshoot it is. Plus we need to look professional for our organization chart.

I also need boots!!

Inspired by @chatoyant wearing boots to japan. Because I'm also heading there in early December for 5 days.

Attending a forum there. Will be staying in Roponggi area.

Anyone has got any food ideas and places to go there??

Oh yes. Back to boots. Something sexy yet walkable. Gonna try my luck at Aldo first.

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