Is 7.20am on such a nice rainy cold morning to sleep in.

Yet this boy has spring up the bed n declared "mummy I wan to eat plum!" 😨😨😨

"Go outside, eat plum!"

So I had to grudgingly go outside n get him some fruits too.

No more plum, so apples would have to do. "No more plum" he said sadly πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Today's breakfast for Isaac is steamed mantau buns. Plain kind.

Eaten with a banana.

Standard issue breakfast.

Smoked salmon, fried egg and butterhead lettuce.

And black coffee.

Omg!!! Listen to what he says carefully when he bang the washing machine.


Ok la. Too clarify, he did not say f***

It's fudge. Like choco fudge. Because that's what the @serhonp dad say when he accidently drops or bang something.

But still.

Sounds so wrong on so many level!! 😭😭😭😭

So for saying a bad word, I punished him.

Do housework!!!! You missed a spot on your play pen mat!!
*tiger mom*

Lunch with husband today.

Smoked duck on polenta bed. With poached egg, bacon and mustard glaze.

It's yums

Only gripe here is there is not much space/seat so if it's full have to wait for a seat

Tea time at marmalade toast.

Lemon meringue sponge cake with ice black coffee.

Ok. I don't like the texture of sponge cake. I'm more a dense thick choco cake person.

Didn't manage to finish the cake even with hubby's help.

Manage to buy myself a crispy white shirt. Couldn't resist the fake leather skirt so I bought that as well.

Hehe. Shirt at $49.90. Ok la. Decently priced from Zara.

Saw a wintery top that I like but it's 109 bucks. My kiamsiap aunty mode kicked in and didn't buy it. Although has a nice asymmetrical cutting.

Ah wait for the sale la.

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