Today's breakfast of zucchini pancake, smoked salmon and avocado. They r getting bruised already. Faster finish them.

Woke up late and felt like I have the worst hang over ever.

Went to work, took my laptop and went home.


Bought some over the counter meds because none of the pharmacy had pharmacist in!!!

Where r they when u need them!!

Oh yes, sitting at home dayreing because the government don't recognize their degrees.

This is after I'm already on augmentin and flumacil and I'm just not getting any better!!

To make matters worse

I'm one of those who experience the GI side effects of augmentin.

Every single time I take the antibiotic I have to lausai!!

No tummy ache but just "bishhhh"

All come out!!

Bahahha. My husband came home and listened to my chest.

Then he said "nothing also"

Ok, luckily bought me difflam extra kau.

"Spaghetti" bolognese for dinner tonight.

Used sharkfin noodles as the "pasta".

Help!! My son keeps saying the bad word!!

And I don't know how to stop it.

He trips he says "oh fudge/fu*k"

He scoots and scooter bangs on the washing machine he goes "oh fudge/f*ck"

Sometimes it really sounds like "fu*k"

How ah?

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