Breakfast again of Zucchini pancake and smoked salmon. No avocado today though 😜

Guess who was sitting next to me enjoying his baby newspaper whilst I was having breakfast.

He was waiting for his mantau to be steamed.

Concentrating real hard on the world news. Atrocious the price of fisher price toys nowadays!!

Back in his days….

Ahhhh. He sees his friends mentioned in the "papers"

He was so delighted for them.

The news is not so bad after all


My colleague just came back from japan and got us Tokyo banana. So cute.

Actually I don't know what's it called. Eat only.


Isaac is up to his old antics. Being naughty and climbing up the sofa.

Got excited when he heard a familiar song on the radio.

He quickly rushed near the radio to shake his booty


Dinner is broiled rosemary salmon and steam broccoli.

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