Allergist Review Day

Standard breakfast.

Eggs, bacon & avocado

Will be heading to KKH for his yearly allergist review.

Before seeing the doctor, he will have to do a skin prick test first.

This round to reconfirm his current allergy with addition of house dust mites and tree-nut panel.

Please ahh god. No tree-nut allergy please. He is a good boy.

Bus, where are you???

Waiting for the shuttle bus to KKH

Manja after getting pricked at the back. Cry of course even after we psyched him up for this yesterday.

Sobs sobs.

Guess what.


New allergy confirmed.

To cashew nut


House dust mites.

Dinner today steam cod fish topped with fried shallots, garlic and spring onion.

Side of caulirice.

Felt dam sien today

So I picked me up with baskin Robbin pink Wednesday. Buy 1 free 1.

Because. I need it.

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