Food Allergy Management

Breakfast today is turkey sausages and avocado.

Everyone knows what the "bad" outcome of the review yesterday, so now let's talk about the good stuff

How to manage the older food allergy, what to do to sensitize him to the old allergy and what can we do about the newly confirmed allergy.

Lunch time multitasking as its best.

Person least affected by his allergy is the sufferer himself.

Kids are very strong. Should Take a leaf from their outlook in live.


Went to see a doctor (a real one! Not the one at home) because I cannot TAHAN my cough anymore.

And I cannot tahan lausaing from the augmentin even though I've finished my antibiotic course.

Wow so lucky.

She gave me 2 days mc and some powerful shit cough mixture

Management of Isaacs Allergy

Easy way out is total avoidance of trigger food. + house dust mites

But caveat.

Total avoidance means the body is not sensitized to the allergen and it will not recognize the allergen hence the body will forever be attacking it.

Next course for action for Isaac is slow and small introduction of the allergen.

So, as recommended by our allergist, he says we should start introducing baked milk and egg products as a start of "oral rechallenge"

It's abit like guess work now. If we give and there is no reaction on first day, then hoorah!! He might not have a symptomic reaction.

Disclaimer: he only recommended this because his egg and milk igE level is in a positive but manageable level. It's still a "either" yes or no reaction. We have to introduce the allergen to know for sure.

For sure….


If any of you had the experience of seeing your child having an anaphylaxis reaction, you will understand y we are reluctant to start giving him the allergen.

Allergist did recommend to introduced baked goods since last review in November 2013 but we did not due to a fear of him collapsing and ending up in the ER again!

So I guess it's high time we did now since we are confident that the level will not give an anaphylatic rxn.

If any, it will only be swelling of mouth, skin flare, etc.


This weekend we will start by giving plain white bread.

The amount of 1cm x 1cm.

If nothing happens, then Sunday it will be 2cm x 2cm.

Nothing happens, then Monday morning 3cm x 3cm.

How @serhonp ?? Good plan?

We need to be there to observe and early in the day just in case if anything do happen, we've got time to go to get help!

If we pass the bread test, then we will move on to cakes!!

Cakes have eggs and milk products for sure.

Maybe 2 weeks after. Around mid December??

I think I might take child care leave to do the oral rechallenge la. Be at home and observe.

All this will address the egg and cow milk allergy.

Next allergy to be assessed is peanuts.

Peanuts & Cashew Nut

Peanuts (and cashew) are a different ball game all together!!!

Everyone has heard of a peanut allergy sufferer dying due to accidental exposure.

Our allergist say "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME"

Oral rechallenge will have to be done in the hospital under specialist supervision and equipment for life system support (sound so dramatic)

We've never had accidental exposure to peanut before, so we don't know the extent on how Isaac will react to peanut. Trouble is, the appointment for oral rechallenge

Is next year october. So longggg. I would sooner have it known how the reaction will be but

Bo pian Lo…. No choice 😫😫😫

I won't ever try to give him peanuts (& cashew) at this point in his life.

Dinner today.

Baked chicken thighs seasoned with Italian seasoning

Sides of leftover sharkfin melon "spaghetti" Bolognese and zucchini noodle salad.

House Dust Mites

Now for something none food!!!

Environmental allergy!!

So lucky Isaac gets to have dust mites allergy too.

So the management is of course total avoidance of dust mites. Re-exposure will not do him any good.

How to manage this?

1) wash all pillowcase bedsheet etc in 60 degree hot water to kill them dust mites
2) get dust mite prevention fabric with very small sized pores for the cloth
3) no soft toy for him
4) buy HEPA filter air purifier
5) buy vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter

Ok a lot more but I can't remember liow unless go and read back the informercial the dr gave us.

Needless to say, @serhonp bonus will go to buying all this equipment. I guess we won't have a house with plush carpets and thick draperies.

His room definitely just blinds and closed shelves.

I guess dust mites allergy is pretty common and a dust free home will stave off the symptom. For this newly discovered allergy, I am okay with it.

Kinda expecting it also la.

Anyone wants soft toys??

Other matters

From now on we need to be on the lookout for him to see if he develops asthma or allergic rhinitis.

Allergist did ask us if isaac is exhibiting any symptom of runny nose, sneezing of more than 10 times in the morning to clear the snot, waking up from sleep due to difficulty breathing. Also runny nose that last a few days in a week. All this points to sign of developing allergic rhinitis

So far so good as he doesn't show all the symptoms above yet.

As for asthma, the allergist did say that based on his experience, kids in Singapore with food allergy tend to develop more allergic rhinitis vs asthma.

However, it's the other way round for kids in UK. They will definitely develop asthma and not allergic rhinitis.

Migration theory at play here again.

So woo pie!!! We get allergic rhinitis which in my opinion is much more manageable than asthma.

But don't get any would be super awesome also la. Just hope and pray he won't develop it!

Ok. Guess this concludes on our experiences in food allergy & environmental allergy management

Going to take 1 day at a time for him.

I do hope he will grow out of this sooner rather than later.

Ok I wish he will grow out of this cow milk, egg and nut allergy. Dust mite allergy I can accept.

So please God and the universe. Give us some mercy, can?

If not now, maybe in a few years time? Pretty please!!!!!

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