Breakfast today at 10.15am is black coffee, bolognase sauce, home made turkey sausage and an egg.

I feel so shacked. Whole body aching. Isaac woke at 6am with pee soaked pants. And demanded to go outside and play.

Tadaaaaa!!! I made the raisins appear!!

Poor boy woke up because he has the flu!!!

Clear liquid streaming down his nose. Must have picked it up from the kids who was sick at the clinic.

For when im sick, I just want to carbo loaddddd

To clear blockage from nose, use this.

@jennylau maybe this will help

Mil bday so went for affordable fine dining.

My duck something something can't remember what.

Walked along Fullerton bay to take pic of the vomiting Merlion.

And proceeded to Clifford pier for Kopi-O ice cream.

So good!

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