Baked Dairy oral challenge Day 1 – success!

Yesterday's birthday girl with a very happy Isaac.

As if it's his bday. Har har.

Of course he had to blow candle.

We otw for her birthday lunch with the extended family who is in Singapore.

My little big boy is taking a nap now from all the excitement.

I still smell his feet all the time and fake chew on it.

*take a long hard snifffff*

Just fed Isaac with two 1cm x 1cm white bread!!

At 2.55pm. Wait for 6 hours to see if got any reaction or not.

So 8.55pm no reaction tomorrow we give 2cm x 2cm and abit more.

Isaac keeps asking for more bread now. Cham loooo.

Note: Sunshine brand white bread has got milk solids inside.

Good article to read for fatties like me.

For one, I'm gonna make my plate and leave the rest in the kitchen.

Dinner tonight.

Take away from royal china

Braised Ee fu noodles with duck meat from the Peking duck we ordered.

And a side of their XO-chilli carrot cake. Yums.

Yeay!!! (Or nayyy!!)

Isaac can open doors by himself now.

Big boy lo.

Tomorrow we will see what we like and the price will be right, we are GOING TO GET IT!

Oh oh oh and OMG!!

It's past 8.55 pm now and bread of 1cm x 1cm (2 pieces) of that passed the test!!

Wohoo. Tomorrow try 2cm x 2cm.

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