Baked Dairy Oral Challenge Day 2

Good morning. Having leftover lui sha bao from royal china.

Still gooey

At 7.45am, @serhonp got impatient and gave him 3cm x 3cm of Sunshine brand white bread. Isaac tolerated it well.

He requested for some more bread, screaming for it. So serhon cave and gave 4cm x 4cm more of the bread shortly.

Until 10.00am, he was ok. No skin flare etc

Then he saw me eating the liu sa bao

Ran and took his bread and insisted I gave him some more bread.

"I want to eat bread!"

So ok la. He looked ok. I tore off 2.5cm x 2.5cm.

He quickly stuffed into his mouth and ask for sumore.

Pretended didn't hear him.

The husbands salmon matcha pesto.

Yums! I love the salmon arranged as flower!

My egg tomato relish.

Looks yum!

And a LARGE LATTE!!! Muaahahhaha. Just cos I've not had a good latte in 2 years

Look everybody. See what I'm having for snack after my noon nap!

Oohh. Shiok face

Mummy, I think it's safe to say, I can eat bread.


Aiyo he keeps asking for bread.

This is so….odd. Haha.

Gave in anyway.

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