Baked dairy oral challenge Day 3 – passed with flying colours

Took half day emergency child care leave because the whole night Isaac was coughing his lungs out.

So did mummy.

And both of us didn't get a good night sleep. The one suffering is me. Isaac at 7.30am sprang out the bed and went out to eat breakfast and play with his daddy.

Also for the past few days I've been eating like everybody else and my body is shutting down.

Gluten is clouding my brain. I can't think straight and I'm tired all the time. And in a blur dreamy state. Tummy bloat too

I want bread!

Now everything wants to eat is bread bread bread only.

Don't wan to eat his oats. Requested only for bread. And gave him bread his face light up like it was Christmas!!

I'm so happy to be eating home cooked food again.

Ok la. Half home cooked. The noodles is leftover from Royal China one. It's dam good but I know my tummy will pay for it for a few days.

Baked stuffed Italian bell peppers and zucchini noodles to accompany the duck noodles.

Just had a thought.

What if Isaacs tolerance was just a false negative because he is on Zyrtec for his running nose.

Therefore he is not reacting to the bread cos the anti histamines is working.

Wash out period for anti histamines is 7 days. And I have to continue giving Zyrtec for 2 weeks.

Started Zyrtec on 15 November and to end it on 29 November. Wash out period of another 7 days which means I can only truly confirm he is ok with bread on 6 November.

Aiyo have to wait till mid next month to try CAKE.

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