Isaac is 28 months 2 weeks

Good morning!!

Breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and liu sha bau. Salted egg goodness from Royal China.

My breakfast companion.

Eating, yup you guessed it, white bread and white bread only. Nothing accompanying the bread.

Waving bye bye to us as we head off to work.

Well, as I head off to work and the father heads to the gym.

2 hands wave!!

Luckily, last nights cough wasn't so bad. He didn't get up much.


Early lunch for the Little big boy.

Nah nothing much happening. @serhonp is at home to entertain him.

OMG bread addict.

Husband sent me this early today.

Oh gosh.

Dinner of crab tart and truffle fries in PS cafe.

The crab tart became too jelak after a while. Couldn't really finish it.

Nice catch up with frens from high school times. We've been friends half our lifetime!

Received a Xmas card from my friend in LA.

Friend since 11 years old. 20 years and she still thinks of me and sends me a card just for a simple greeting.

So sweet.

Gonna post 1 back to her!

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